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The new Shutterfly features are now working and the eteamz albums are up and running. Thanks for your patience while we worked to fix the initial glitches.


What did we add? Many of you have asked about organizing the Shutterfly Albums as you can with your eteamz albums. That feature is now available. You can organize alphabetically, chronologically or you can customize by dragging and dropping albums in any order.


The look of the Admin interface is different. If you'd like to edit one of your current albums, click the "edit" icon next to that specific album. If you click the edit icon next to one of your eteamz albums, it will take you to the edit page and you will see the "old" interface (to set access levels, change the number of images to display per row, etc.). To delete an album, simply click the "trash" icon.


As always, please contact support via your Message Center with any questions.

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