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We've sent out emails to members over the last 2 days that included their user account information when they didn't request it.   If you were one of the members to receive it, we apologize.  Rest assured, your account information was only sent to you (the email you have on record).   No one else can access that information.



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Ready to streamline the hundreds (if not thousands) of emails you manage each season?


Our new SmartMessage Center helps you send out emails and manage all responses in one single location! Want to learn more?

Go to the Team/Group Messages folder in Admin and click to play our Video Demo. Check out our FAQ page as well.


If you have a Team site type you will see the Team Messages folder. If you have a League or Org site you will see Group Messages.


Your members and fans also have the ability to use the SmartMessage Center. On your main site they will see a Team Messages/Group Messages link. Members can contact other members of your site and fans can contact other fans. If you don't want members and fans to contact each other using this feature, you may turn it off at anytime within the Pages section of the Access folder.


This feature is available on Team, League and Organization site types.



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