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We're launching a new feature on eteamz today that alerts your site members via email when you make updates to the site. When you update your calendar or upload a new album your members will automatically receive an email with a link to visit the website to view the updates.


Now you don't have to spend extra time sending an email to everyone to check out the site for updates - we'll do that for you.


If members aren't interested in receiving these emails, they can simply unsubscribe at any time from within the email.   It is currently set as "on" for all members.   We do hope to come out with an on/off feature so that if you don't want your members to receive notifications you can set it to "off."


Coming soon: Notification emails sent when posting new messages on the Welcome or News pages.



When are emails sent?  



1)   If you add a new album, a notification email will be sent.   It does not send when you add individual images to that album.



2)  If you add a Game Schedule, Event Schedule or Practice Schedule.     It will not send an email if you edit a game for example.  Just when you add the schedule.



3)  When you Import games, practices and events.   Only one email is sent per import file.   If you import 100 games for example, your members won't receive 100 emails.    



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