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First you'll need to add a practice schedule.


  • Go to the schedules folder

  • Navigate to the practices folder

  • Click the link to Add a Game Schedule


Once your schedule is added, you have the option to make it recurring. Click the link to Add a Practice and on the page where you enter the info, a new page opens where you can add it as recurring information. It's that easy! Share your comments here!

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Sure you want to load up your site with great photos, but try to compress your images so that you can maximize the disc space on your website.


If using a digital camera or a scanner, you should have some kind of imaging software that came with it to help adjust the DPI size. If you can't locate your software, the best free download I've found is called Irfanview. As an added bonus, you can also use Irfanview for resizing images (changing the height or width of your photo or image) prior to upload if you wish.



You will need to edit and size the images before uploading them to your site. For best results use a 72 dpi setting. Typically, a 300 dpi will create a very large graphic file even if the image is small.




For example a 1 x 1 inch image at 300 dpi would be about 270k as where a 1 x 1 inch image at 72 dpi would be only about 4.3k - obviously a big difference that can ultimately save you tons of site space!






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Do you have a PLUS site and wish that you could keep your current site, but simply "start over?" Maybe you've switched teams but you're not ready to build another site because you still have a few months before your site expires and you don't need two sites.


Here's a 3 simple steps to add your new team info within your current team site.


1) To add a new season, simply


  • Go to season folder in the admin panel

  • Click the icon for 'add a new season'


Once you add a new season, a drop down box will appear on the schedule, roster, record and board pages allowing you to choose your season of choice. There's no need to delete any of last season's info - leave all the games, practices etc. on the schedule.


All last season's teams, board members, players and coaches should appear in the 'pool' box. (Note: if you don't see them, check all the boxes next to the ‘pool box' and hit the search button which should result in putting them in the pool.)


Click the name of the team, board member, or player, complete the other boxes and click the ‘assign'. You will only have to add new teams, players, etc. if they weren't used anywhere last season. DON'T ADD YOUR TEAM AGAIN or your standings and stats won't work in the new season.


Last, make your web page is open to the new season by clicking the pencil icon behind the new season and check the box on the form making this the current season. The other season will be available from the drop down box in the admin panel and on the web site.


2) To change the URL,


  • Click the site appearance folder

  • Click the web address folder

  • Type your new choice for web address.


If the name isn't being used, it will allow you to successfully make the change. If the name isn't available, keep trying new web addresses until you get one that works. Be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for the name change to go into effect.






3) To change your site listing name, you can do so in box 2 of your listing folder.



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