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5 Easy Steps to Editing Your Site News

Posted by Ericha_eteamz on Aug 4, 2009 5:56:56 PM


Posting news on your website is a great way to keep your members up to date on the latest team news. So it's important to know how to jump in and make edits. Here are 5 easy steps to quickly edit your site news and keep your site as up to date as possible.


1) Go to you're My Site News folder within Site Admin

2) Select the appropriate category from the drop down menu found in the upper right of the page (you will have one category on a free site and can add up to 16 pages/news categories on PLUS sites)

3) Click "Go" and it will bring up the list of news items you've posted

4) Click the box for the news item you'd like to edit

5) Click on the pencil icon to the right and begin editing.


Be sure to click the "Update My Site News" button to save any changes.




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