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Occasionally, members sign up for a certain TYPE of site, Team for example, and then realize they need a different TYPE of site, such as a League site that will help them track more than one team. Here are some simple instructions to help you change to a different site TYPE and keep any account information you've already entered.


1) Register & purchase the site TYPE you want

2) Copy/paste large amounts of information from your first site to your new one

3) Re-enter roster information

4) Re-invite members to your site.


To keep you from being charged again, remember to set your original site to 'discontinue' by going into the +PLUS/Accounts folder and clicking the "full details" link and then the 'discontinue' link next to the features (PLUS, extra MB, Ad Option).


Or, you can keep your sites with the same account information by logging in first with your current login and clicking the 'build another website' link. When you no longer need your first site, simply contact us to delete it for you.


Here is a helpful chart to show you the different site TYPES to help you in deciding which site TYPE is right for you.


Other questions/comments? Post them here!

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