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September 3, 2009

Hi Everyone!


We have another exciting Snapshotz contest set up for you for the month of September! Enter your snapshotz for a chance to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of ActiveSports! Submit your snapshot by September 30th.


Increase your chances of winning by submitting as many photos as you like and if you're the winner, you'll be selected on October 1 and featured in the October eteamzNation newsletter and in our eteamz community.


So, if you think you've got the winning photo, upload now and share with your family and friends to vote, vote, vote!

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  And neither does your Welcome Page!  We want to provide you with the tools to help you make a great first and lasting impression with your site visitors so we’ve broken down how to add your name, team/league name, email or other information to your Home Page into 3 steps. 


1)     Click the Welcome Message folder from your folder list

2)     In the large white text box, simply type in whatever information you want to share (team/league name or logo, images, contact name/number, email and other info)

3)     Click the Update Welcome button at the bottom of the page to save all changes and presto…your Welcome Page is updated!   


Be sure to click the Update Welcome button to save all your changes.

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Did you know that when you choose one of the new, customizable templates, it will ONLY change the appearance of your site and you won't lose any information? Your schedules, rosters, site news, and other information are safe. And even better, with a new template, you can have 100% customization!


So why not choose a new template when you can customize your logos, banner, menu, content and content placement, borders and control how much customization your sub-sites can have?


Select a new template today by:

  • Clicking your Site Appearance folder

  • Click the "Customize" folder

  • Use the scrollbar located at the top to select any of the templates

  • Choose from various color palettes, fonts, image layouts and more


You can even see the changes before you save them. Once you've found the template and color design you like, make sure to click save changes in the upper right. So, what are you waiting for? Get customizing today!


Still have questions? Reference the Site Customization FAQs link located to the right just under the templates scrollbar.

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We know you don't have a lot of spare time as a coach, team parent or site admin so we've made it easy for you to access your current contacts AND add new contact email addresses from other sources to your SmartMessage Center.


Follow these simple steps to add email contacts to select which addresses you want to receive any of your messages:


1) Select the template you wish to use from the SmartMessage Composer or click on the "New SmartMessage" orange button

2) At the top in the "To" entry field, you can simply type or paste email addresses (which are automatically added to your contacts) or click on the "To" button to access your existing list or add new ones

3) Expand or contract any part of your contact groups by clicking on the "plus" or "minus" signs

4) Select an entire group by checking the box next to it or select individual addresses checking the box next to each address

5) Finish by clicking on "Save" and then "Ok" and your groups/addresses will display in the "To" address field portion of the template. You can mix and match any number of groups or manually entered addresses


To add new Circles/Groups to your contacts, follow these three steps after completing Step #4 above:


1) You can also add new contacts by clicking on "Add Contacts", then enter the email addresses in the text box or click on "Add contact from your address book" to dynamically pull them in from Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or AOL

2) Once you've added them to the message, you can also select which "Group" or "Circle" within your address directory that you'd like the emails to belong to (or leave it blank).

3) Finally, you can easily link to all of your addresses in AOL, AIM or Yahoo! Instant Messenger by going within SmartMessage Center to "My Account" and then "Channels"

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Update on eteamz Albumz

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Sep 3, 2009


We wanted to let you know about a few changes regarding our partnership with Shutterfly.  After a successful three years, our integrated partnership with Shutterfly has ended.  We appreciate the quality service they have provided to eteamz customers and enjoyed having them as part of the team.  Due to this change, you'll no longer be able to upload photos directly to your Shutterfly account from within eteamz.  You can, however, continue to upload pictures directly onto eteamz through the Albumz folder in the site admin tool.  There is no need to worry about your existing Shutterfly albumz; your photos will still be displayed on your eteamz site and still located on the Shutterfly service. 



So how do you get started with the new eteamz Albumz when it launches?  That's the best news yet!  There's nothing special for you to do - we'll do all the work for you!  All your eteamz Albumz will automatically be transferred to our new eteamz Albumz and links to your existing Shutterfly Albumz will still be available on your eteamz site for as long as you keep those photos on the Shutterfly service. 



Please feel free to contact eteamz support if you have any questions and thank you for being an eteamz customer and allowing us to share in your active lifestyle.



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