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eteamz is back up!

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Jan 29, 2009

As I'm sure you've noticed, eteamz is down as well as several other Active Network products/sites. We apologize for the issue. We have no time frame right now as to when it will be back up and I have no other information at this time.


As long as stays up (it came up just a bit ago) I will post an update.






Update: 11am PST - eteamz is back up. The site was down due to a firewall issue on our end.  We had replaced it and it caused an issue.  




Thanks for your patience.



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Domain Direct is now Hover

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Jan 26, 2009

Domain Direct, our partner that provides custom domain names, recently changed their name to Hover. They contacted all members via email last week regarding the name change. Some of you have contacted us wondering if the email you received is legit.


If you have questions you can contact Hover (formerly known as Domain Direct) at

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eteamz will be unavailable Monday, January 26th from 11pm - 3am PST while our IT group makes some hardware upgrades.



We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



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