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Introducing the all new eteamz Albumz Center

Posted by Ericha_eteamz on Nov 17, 2009 11:43:58 AM

Thank you to everyone for your patience during the Albumz Center face-lift! Today marks the official launch of this feature.  We’re excited to provide you with many new features such as the ability to create and post a slideshow to your site in minutes, oodles of editing and design options, quickly create albums by dragging and dropping images and so much more!


We wanted to provide you with some information on what to expect during the launch.


Some of you may notice that all of your images in your Admin Albumz and Uploads>Images folders aren’t there.

Not to worry…they’re there!  We’re just in the process of migrating the tons of photos over to the new experience and it takes time to do so.  Please be patient – the photo’s may not be available in your Admin view but they are available on your website (public view). 



What can I do to expedite the process of my photos being migrated?

If you proceed to your Admin and click the “Albums” link, you’ll be placed at the top of the queue for migration and all your images will appear in your Admin shortly (please allow for 24 hours).



If you see most of your images in Admin but some aren’t there, there could be a few reasons.

  1. If the name of your image had a special character in the title (ex: -, ~,&, etc), the image may have not been migrated over correctly.  We are actively working to resolve this as our top priority.  Please check back frequently for your images to be updated.
  2. In certain cases, the names of images were formatted such that they pulled up broken images on the old photos system.  Because these images were broken and not able to be located by our system, we did not migrate the names over.  These broken images were still taking up your disk space.  You will no longer have broken images on the site and they won’t take up disk space.
  3. It is possible that images were uploaded after the site’s images were migrated.  In this case, the images will need to be re-migrated.  If you go into your Admin and click the “Albums” link, you will be placed at the top of the queue for migration.


If your site isn't migrated yet you will not see images, files, etc. when attempting to use the "add file" and "add image" buttons in the Welcome and News folders for example.    This will be resolved when your site is migrated.


Please review all of our Albumz FAQ’s at:



We’re excited to bring this fun experience to you and your team and can’t wait to hear feedback on what you think!  Please contact support via the Contact Support folder in your Site Admin with any questions.


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