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Hi - we have a few changes going live today. Sites on customizable templates now have the ability to change Link Colors.   You can do this in the Site Appearance --> Customize folder.   Here, select the "General" tab.    In the same area, you can now re-set your Hit Counter.


The 2010 holidays have been added.   You may add to your site in the Calendar folder then selecting "add shared events."


Sites on classic templates can now add new banner, logo and background images (bug that popped up a couple weeks ago).


And last but not least, we've made it easier to assign a new head webmaster and change billing!  

Next to all members in your Access --> Members folder, there is a "make head webmaster" link (when the head webmaster logs in).   Previously you would only see this link next to registered admins.


Another admin can now take over billing WITHOUT the subscription expiring first.   In the PLUS --> Account --> Full Details,  there is a "Take over billing" link.   Using this option will charge the new person upon renewal (if it's set to renew of course).


We have another release coming soon to address Albums/Images suggestions and bugs.

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