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We've been working diligently to improve your photo albumz experience on eteamz.


Here's a sneak-peek at some exciting new features we'll be adding!


  • Cinematically view, browse and share your photos directly in your eteamz site

  • Create slideshows & share with one-click posting to your website

  • Oodles of editing and design options via our picnik integration

  • Drag-n-Drop photos from one album to another

  • Customize and buy prints, calendars, mugs, cards and more!


And get this! Along with the new eteamz Albumz Center, you'll be able to purchase 5GB of storage space at a price lower than you pay for 20MB today! Be sure to take advantage of this offer when the new eteamz Albumz Center goes live! Now that's something to get excited about!


Best of all, there's nothing special for you to do - we'll do all the work for you. We simply wanted to share the exciting news!


We just know you're going to love the new photo experience on eteamz just as much as we do and can't wait for you to see it in action so STAY TUNED or learn more!

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We've made it easier than ever for you to collect your roster information and add it into your eteamz website roster. Simply use one of our SmartMessage email templates!


Collect Roster Information


1) Login to your Site Admin

2) Visit your SmartMessages folder

3) Select the Team Mgmt - Collect Roster information SmartMessage Template

4) Send the SmartMessage email to your coaches, parents, volunteers and players asking them to complete their contact information

5) When they respond, their information is automatically placed into your eteamz website roster.


Now that's FAST & EASY!


Login and start collecting your roster today!

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Of course you want your eteamz website to perfectly match your team colors...especially when they're fluorescent orange and baby blue. Well here's a tip to help you easily customize your website colors to perfectly match your team!


From the Customize folder,


1) Select a color by clicking the color box and choose either one of our eteamz standard colors or enter your own HEX code number in the box at the bottom right

2) Click the green "SAVE" button in the upper right of the page

3) Click the close button and your new color selection will automatically appear on your web site


If you're not familiar with HEX codes, using the following color guide will help you find nearly any shade under the sun. This guide displays 2 columns with different color codes - one for RGB color code and the other for the HEX #. Make sure you use the column for "HEX #" which is consistent with what we use on the eteamz sites.


Don't have one of our new fully-customizable templates? Simply login and upgrade to PLUS. From your Site Appearances, then Customize folder you'll be able to change the colors of your site.


And don't forget to submit your colorful new site to our monthly Spotlight Site Contest.

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Occasionally, members sign up for a certain TYPE of site, Team for example, and then realize they need a different TYPE of site, such as a League site that will help them track more than one team. Here are some simple instructions to help you change to a different site TYPE and keep any account information you've already entered.


1) Register & purchase the site TYPE you want

2) Copy/paste large amounts of information from your first site to your new one

3) Re-enter roster information

4) Re-invite members to your site.


To keep you from being charged again, remember to set your original site to 'discontinue' by going into the +PLUS/Accounts folder and clicking the "full details" link and then the 'discontinue' link next to the features (PLUS, extra MB, Ad Option).


Or, you can keep your sites with the same account information by logging in first with your current login and clicking the 'build another website' link. When you no longer need your first site, simply contact us to delete it for you.


Here is a helpful chart to show you the different site TYPES to help you in deciding which site TYPE is right for you.


Other questions/comments? Post them here!

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Posting news on your website is a great way to keep your members up to date on the latest team news. So it's important to know how to jump in and make edits. Here are 5 easy steps to quickly edit your site news and keep your site as up to date as possible.


1) Go to you're My Site News folder within Site Admin

2) Select the appropriate category from the drop down menu found in the upper right of the page (you will have one category on a free site and can add up to 16 pages/news categories on PLUS sites)

3) Click "Go" and it will bring up the list of news items you've posted

4) Click the box for the news item you'd like to edit

5) Click on the pencil icon to the right and begin editing.


Be sure to click the "Update My Site News" button to save any changes.




Not a PLUS member? Login and Upgrade to PLUS now!







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