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January 6, 2010

Recruit team or league volunteers using your SmartMessage Center


With the start of baseball, softball, tennis and many other spring sports, leagues and teams are gearing up for all the many things that need to happen such as getting players registered which lots of forms, ordering uniforms, setting practice schedules and drills, getting snack volunteers, buying the team banner, organizing picture day, etc.


Before things get out of hand, use your SmartMessage Center to recruit team parents and other volunteers to help you out all season long.  You can find the SmartMessage Center in the Team Messages or Group Messages folder in your eteamz site.


Just follow these steps to send a message to your team or league members:


1).  In the SmartMessage Center, click on the Templates tab

2).  Click on the Games sub-tab menu item

3).  Click on the Sign up to bring snacks… template (top, left icon)

4).  Address the message and change the subject line of your message to something like How will you volunteer to help this season?

5).  Modify the body of your message (check out this post for general message tips)

6).  Change the column and row headers in the table your members will fill in to sign up.  We recommend using Primary and Back-Up for the column headers and then change the row headers the things you need help with, like Team Parent, Assistant Coach, Bring Snacks, Picture Day, etc

7). Review, Save and Send your message!


Once you have collected responses, you can go to the Sent”folder in SmartMessage Center to open your message, see the results and print or save the responses in PDF or Excel format to take to your first team or league meeting!


Getting volunteers will help you stay organized all season long, so use SmartMessage Center to get them signed up today!

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