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6 Tips to Add a New Season in a Cinch

Posted by kschult3 on Jan 7, 2010 5:53:14 PM

It is a new year and a new sport season and we know how excited you must be to get your eteamz site in perfect working condition before you hit the field.  Here are 6 helpful tips to help you add a new season in a cinch.


To add a new season (PLUS sites only):

1)       Go to your Season folder

2)       Click the icon for add a new season

3)       Choose the season of your choice from the drop down box.

4)       There is no need to delete all your previous season information.  This information will remain in the pool box.  If you do not see them in the pool box, simply check all the boxes next to the box and hit the search button which will automatically put them into the pool.

5)       Check the name of the division, team, board member, or player and click assign.  Note:  You should only have to add new teams, divisions, players, etc. if they were not used anywhere last season.

6)       Be sure to make your web page open to the new season by clicking on the pencil icon behind the new season, then check the box labeled to make this the current season.  Other seasons will still be available from the drop down box within the admin panel and on the site.


We recommend naming your teams to help identify what division they are associated with in future seasons.  For example, if you have major teams in each division, add the division name to the team name. Majors Team A for example. Then if the team moves up a division, you can reassign to the higher division and then rename the team by editing it in the Teams folder.


Best of luck this season!

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