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One way to ensure your team is onboard with the SmartMessage Center and how it works to their benefit, it is a great idea to talk to them about it early in the season – before the season actually even starts is ideal. Here is a tip on how to communicate the SmartMessage Center benefits and ease of use at the very first team meeting.


At the first team meeting, explain to your parents to be on the lookout for a message from you providing them with some instructions on how to make sure they receive their team SmartMessages. Then send the team a regular email instructing them to add to their address book or “safe senders” list in their email service or email program. This helps to ensure that the messages always land in their inbox instead of their spambox! CircleUp is our partner that provides the SmartMessage service and by doing this step, you will help ensure that the SmartMessages you send will be received by everyone.

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