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Here's your...SmartMessage Center Tip of the Month!


Do you feel unorganized and rushed when it comes to communicating with your team? Are you looking for a way to give advance notice of practice or calendar changes? Planning your communication schedule in advance can help save time and frustration.


Setting a regular message schedule also puts in place a weekly rhythm for the team and you’ll get better responses.   Be sure to add every key event and game to your team calendar or schedule to get yourself set up. Return to your calendar in 3-7 days and write yourself a note to “send a SmartMessage about X on X day”.


Or keep it simple and designate one or two days every week (Mondays and Wednesdays work well), and set a weekly reminder in your calendar to “send SmartMessages to the team.”

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If you have a set schedule for your practices, why not set it up as a recurring practice in your site? This will save you time and you can easily revisit your Admin section when changes need to be made. First, you’ll need to make sure you add a practice schedule to your calendar.


Once you've added a practice schedule*, follow these guidelines to make it recurring:

1)     From the page which you’ve entered information about that practice (aka the Practice Details page), scroll down and click on Show Recurring Practice Option

2)     Enter information and choose the schedule that works best for you and your team

3)     Save changes and you’re done!


*Not sure how to add a practice schedule?  Follow these instructions:

- Visit your Calendar >> Practices folder

- Click on Add Practice and fill out your information

- Be sure to save changes

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Do you have important forms that you need your team members and/or parents to complete or maybe you have a Team Handbook that needs to be distributed but you want to be green and save a tree by not printing one for everyone. Why not add a handout to your site and make all this information available online?


You can add handouts as a new file from your computer or from your Website Pages >> Handouts folder. Display them in your Welcome, News or Handouts page by following these directions.


-         Go to your Website Pages >> Handouts folder and create a Category for your handouts

-         Choose your access permissions (do you want it to be viewable by site members only, by members and fans, or by everyone?)

-         Click Add Category

-         Now click on +Add Handouts and input the information and add a necessary file

-         Upload your file and be sure to click Add Handouts

-          You can now either view or edit your handout

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Hopefully you have not forgetten about one of the coolest PLUS features that can help bring attention to newly updated information on your site. Tag your new updates with cool icons and your team won't miss the action. That’s right! Now you can set a menu item to display with "New", "Updated", or "HOT!"


How do I set these cool icons up on my site?

1)     Each time you update a specific section, an icon will display next to the menu link on your site for however long you like.

2)     Set the terms…to disappear after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or Never. (Note: if you choose never, it will consistently display the icon.)

3)     Be sure to set the update icon BEFORE you make a change to the page in order for the icon to display.

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