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Of our SmartMessage Center Tips, this is probably the easiest and most effective in getting your team to respond.  Learn how to increase your response rate when trying to get info from the team!


Rather than having something like "Picture day this Saturday" in the subject line of your SmartMessage, change it “Let us know if you’ll be at picture day?”.  Then use the Multiple Choice or other SmartMessage formats to collect appropriate responses, rather than the Announcement format which leaves little room for response.


Or change a simple “announcement subject line from “Tournament info” into “Who can volunteer to help with the tournament?”


Here are a couple more handy ways to change that subject line to make it more “responsive”.


Turn “Team Dinner” into “What will you bring to the team dinner?”

Turn “League safety manual and rules” into “Please acknowledge receipt of league rules.” 


Yes, it’s possible to turn EVERY message into the form of a question or request and you should do it once in the subject line and then again within the message body.


Happy SmartMessaging!


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Maybe you use online registration, and maybe you don't. We wanted to share the benefits of having your teams, leagues or orgs use online registration, which saves you time and, in the long run, makes registration easier for your members. How does it save me time?

How does it save me time?

Every time one of your customers registers online, you save time by not having to manually enter a registration.

How is it convenient for my customers?

Your customers enjoy the convenience of registering in their own time and they don’t have to worry about losing paperwork with personal information.

Many of our partner’s (ActiveSports) clients have achieved extremely high online registration rates – some 90% or higher!!  Through this, we’ve compiled a series of 10 tips over the course of the next few months to share with you on ways which you can grow your online registration.

Tip #1 – Optimize Your Club’s Registration Options

-          Review the methods of registration you offer and substitute one of them with online registration.

-          List online registration first when offering multiple registration methods.

-          Highlight online registration on all handouts and signage as the preferred method of registering.

-          When you remove a registration method, add a message to your voicemail system announcing the newer and more convenient online registration option along with your website address.

Stay tuned for tips in the coming issues of Inside Wire!

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We've recently released a new, online, customer support form for you to use when reporting customer service requests.  Learn why we created it and how it’s useful to you.


Feature-Driven Filters:

By letting us know what features you have as part of your site, it helps filter you into the right queue for customer service request.  In the past, simply emailing us with general information, and lack of site-type detail, resulted in slower response times.  In the new form, it allows you to list what site-type and features you have which allows your request to get filtered to the right response group.


Details Make the World Go Round:

The form also allows you to provide detailed information through drop down boxes and text boxes.  Providing more detailed information saves time, eliminates the back and forth between you and customer support, and allows you to get your answer much speedier.

Help Pop Ups:

We’ve included Help Pop Ups to help you provide the right information when selections are made.  This helps you provide the right information to our customer support group.

These are just few things that our forms help when contacting customer support.  For all future customer service requests, use our handy-dandy support form to guide you in your request, and guide us to the right answer for your request!

Check out the new support form here!

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