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Of our SmartMessage Center Tips, this is probably the easiest and most effective in getting your team to respond.  Learn how to increase your response rate when trying to get info from the team!


Rather than having something like "Picture day this Saturday" in the subject line of your SmartMessage, change it “Let us know if you’ll be at picture day?”.  Then use the Multiple Choice or other SmartMessage formats to collect appropriate responses, rather than the Announcement format which leaves little room for response.


Or change a simple “announcement subject line from “Tournament info” into “Who can volunteer to help with the tournament?”


Here are a couple more handy ways to change that subject line to make it more “responsive”.


Turn “Team Dinner” into “What will you bring to the team dinner?”

Turn “League safety manual and rules” into “Please acknowledge receipt of league rules.” 


Yes, it’s possible to turn EVERY message into the form of a question or request and you should do it once in the subject line and then again within the message body.


Happy SmartMessaging!


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