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Yes, there is a LOT of information that needs to be communicated and a lot of responses you need from players and parents throughout the season. But if you try to pack too much into one message, everyone who receives it will go into a brain freeze.


So chunk things up and make the question or request so easy and simple that the person receiving it can read it and respond quickly and easily.  Send “softballs” with “yes/no” answers once and a while that are so simple that anyone could respond, i.e., “Will you be at the game this Saturday?”  When responding to your messages becomes a habit, you’ve got it made.

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That's right! Using your team website can be an easy resource for your team's players, parents and coaches needs. But how does my eteamz website help make my online registration easier?


Recently we integrated our eteamz and online registration product* to sync up for a better user experience. Not only can you provide online registration but you can easily import your registrants right to your eteamz website!


Another benefit to using your team site to aid in your online registration process is:

-         Easily provide online access to customized registrations forms for parents and players

-         Post your rosters, schedules, and announcements to stay connected throughout the season

-         Encourage players and parents to frequently visit the website to review up-to-date schedules and post messages.


It’s a no-brainer!  Use your team site to keep everyone up to speed and you can focus where it counts – on the field!

*League One and Active Registration Products

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