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October 28, 2010

SmartMessage Center Tip of the Month


Looking for an easy way to collect photos from the team? Look no further than your SmartMessage Center!

Go to Files & Photos> Albums in your site admin. Click Add Photos, then click Collect photos from the team.


SMC Add Photos 1.png

Fill out the SmartMessage form and click Send. When team members respond to the message with image attachments, those images are saved directly to the album you created!


SMC Add Photos 2.png

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eteamz switched to servers so we would be able to offer you more storage for less money. So, what are you waiting for?


In My Account/PLUS folder, click on Full Details. If it says Storage Upgrade 20MB, click the Discontinue link next to it. The 20MB of extra storage will remain until the next renewal date, but you will not be charged again for it.


Then, go to back to My Account/PLUS folder and purchase 5GB of extra storage for only $19.95 a year! This is a lot of extra storage for a lot less money!

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It only takes a little time up front in order to make team registration more cost-effective, less time-consuming and easier in the long run.


1.     Click! In your site admin, go to People, Online Registration. Click Go to Registration Center Now (IMPORTANT: Take note of special login credentials in the pop up))

2.     Login! Login to the Active Network’s login page using special credentials

3.     Set Up! On the Active Registration home page, click Get Started and follow the registration wizard to create a listing

4.     Promote! Once your registration set up is complete, go back to People, Online Registration page to promote your registration




Read below for more information on the Set Up Wizard, registration page, checks and fees



Tips for the Registration Set Up Wizard:


  • The set up wizard will open in a pop-up window
  • The wizard must be completed before any information will be saved, so give yourself some time to complete the wizard
  • If at any time during the wizard the screen appears blank, right click on the pop up and click Refresh or Reload
  • Choose “League” for listing type
  • Benefiting organization – this can be left blank
  • A confirmation email will be sent after set up is complete – you must click on it to finalize the set up process


Registration page: After you have set up online registration, your team can register on an page like the one pictured below.


Team Registration Site.png


Checks: will mail checks every 2 weeks for online registration fees collected to the name and address you provided in the wizard.

Fee structure: There is a $3.25 minimum fee per registration per person. The processing fee structure is as follows:


Fee Structure.png

Questions about Active Network’s Registration Center? Please contact

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It’s not just about custom team apparel anymore!  eteamz has partnered with Café Press and Team Express to offer special discounts on equipment, custom uniforms, trophies and awards for you and your team!


In addition, eteamz site admins now have the option to make commissions and report on sales of Custom Team Apparel (see Fundraising & Store > Custom Team Apparel > Earn Money). Details can be found here:


All items can be found in your site admin on your eteamz site under Fundraising & Store.


Custom Apparel

Choose from available designs or create custom t-shirts, mugs, hats or gym bags with your team’s colors and logos!


1 Team Store Apparel.png




Everything you’ll need for a successful season – helmets, footwear, field equipment, accessories and a whole lot more!


2 Team Store Equipment.png



Wow the other teams with professional quality custom uniforms and accessories!


2 Team Store Uniforms.png


Trophies and Awards


Recognize your star players and commemorate the season with top-of-the-line customizable trophies, medals and plaques.


4 Team Store Trophies.png


Team Store (on eteamz site)


The new team mall will be located on your eteamz site under Team Store. Tell your site members about it today!






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