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SmartMessage Center Tip of the Month


The SmartMessage center makes it easier than ever for you to collect your roster information and add it into your eteamz roster.


Collect Roster Information:


1) Login to your Site Admin; go to  Communication > Team Messages folder


2) Select the Templates tab


3) Select the Team Mgmt section


4) Collect Roster information SmartMessage Template



5) Send the SmartMessage email to your coaches, parents, volunteers and players asking them to complete their contact information


6) When they respond, their information is automatically placed into your eteamz website roster.


Now that's FAST & EASY!


Login and start collecting your roster today!


Questions? Contact eteamz support:

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If your team or league is associated to an Organization, you can also associate your eteamz site to that Organization. When associated to an Organization you can:


-          -Stay up to date through messages from the Organization

-          -Receive more relevant content on your eteamz site, such as having Team Store geared more closely to your Organization


Little League leagues– in addition to the above, associating your site to Little League Baseball and Softball will allow you to add your team to the LLB finder.


Associating your site to an Organization:


1.       1. Go to your “My Site Design” folder in eteamz

2.       2. Click on Listing

3.       3. Under All Sports, choose your sport and click add to move it to the Selected Sports field


Image 1.png


4.       4. In the “Organizations” dropdown select the Organization that your site is associated to.


Image 2.png


5.       5. Click “Update Listing” (Note: You may be prompted to fill out other required contact fields before being able to save the changes )


Little League only:


6.       6. If your site is associated to Little League, you’ll notice that a button has been added next to the Little League Organization:


Image 3.png


7.       7. Click the "Add your site" button and follow the prompts



Questions?: Contact eteamz support at

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A Beta version of eteamz Tournament Brackets is now available to PLUS sites with customizable templates! The new Tournament functionality provides you with the tools you need to create, publish and print your tournaments with ease!

You can set up new brackets or edit existing ones in your site admin under Website Pages > Tournament Brackets. Click Add a Tournament.

Then, follow the steps through the Tournament set up wizard:

Tourn 1.png

Tourn 2 Enter.png

Tourn 3 Game Details.png


Once the game details have been saved, you can Publish your tournament to your many different pages on your eteamz site:


Tourn 5 Publish.png


Published view:



Tourn 6 Published.png

Other ways to share your Brackets: Under the edit screen, click the print icon in the top right corner, then click Print button on the print view. You can print to PDF (if you have the correct software to do so) and email to members or print hardcopies for handouts.  

We’re not done yet! Double Elimination Brackets (including Little League brackets) and customizable print options are next on the list, scheduled for Q1 2011!


We’d love to hear your feedback about the new functionality. Please add any suggestions to the eteamz Feedback forum (top, right hand corner of your site admin) OR contact us at:


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A Script for Honoring the Game

By Positive Coaching Alliance


In all of the live, group workshops that Positive Coaching Alliance presents nationwide for youth and high school sports leaders, coaches, parents and student-athletes, we discuss the concept of Honoring the Game.

Following is a script that coaches can draw from in order to convey the concept to players. This script addresses relatively young soccer players, but with just a few adjustments based on sport and your players’ ages, you can deliver the core message in your own voice.


I love the game of soccer, and I hope you do too. Soccer has a long history and is the most played sport in the world.


A lot of great things happen on the soccer field. I feel that it is an honor to be involved in the sport. That’s why I want to talk to you about Honoring the Game.


Now, I am sure many of you have had parents or coaches talk to you about sportsmanship, or what it means to be a “good sport.” What does it mean to you to be a good sport? (Answers may include “play fair” “don’t cheat” etc.)


Sportsmanship is important, but in order to get the most out of this soccer season, I want you to honor the game. We say the Honoring the Game goes to the ROOTS of the matter — R-O-O-T-S.


Each letter in ROOTS stands for an important part of soccer that we must respect. The R stands

for Rules. The first O is for Opponents. The next O is for Officials. T is for Teammates, and the S is for Self.


R is for Rules. The rules of soccer are what allow us to keep the game fair. Respect for the rules is important, even when it’s possible to break them without getting caught. I want you to play by the rules, even if you think you won’t get caught if you break them. Breaking the rules dishonors the game, even if it means that we win.


O is for Opponents. Without opponents, we could have no game. A good opponent makes us do our best. Sometimes your opponents are friends of yours. I want you to respect your opponents, and remember they are out there to have fun just like us. I want you to try your hardest to win, not because you hate your opponent, but because you want to play your best. I promise that I will show respect for opposing coaches and teams, and I expect you to do the same.


O is for Officials. It is very important to respect officials. Often, this can be the most difficult part of Honoring the Game, so we need to remember to keep it as a focus when we play. Officials have been selected and trained to enforce rules, and they have a very hard job. Without the officials the game would be unsafe and unfair. Officials are not perfect (just like coaches, athletes and parents!) and sometimes make mistakes. However, there is no excuse for treating officials with disrespect when they make errors. I want you to show respect for officials, even when you disagree with the call. I promise to do the same thing.


T is for Teammates. A big part of soccer is the team. Being with your teammates should be fun. Later in life you will often be part of a team, and it is important to learn to work together. I hope you feel a commitment to each other as teammates and that you will agree to always play as hard as you can in practice and games. Please encourage and support each other on and off the playing field.


S is for Self. Some people only Honor the Game when their opponents do, but I want us to Honor the Game no matter what the other team or its fans do. I want us to be the kind of team that Honors the Game even when others aren’t because we set our own internal standards. And we live up to them no matter what. We have so much respect for ourselves that we would never do anything to dishonor the game.


So what do we mean when we say that Honoring the Game goes to the ROOTS of the matter?

Respect for: Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self. If you do these five things, you are Honoring the Game. You and your teammates will get the most out of our season, and you will join the great tradition that is soccer. Now, let’s Honor the Game starting right now at this practice, especially when we scrimmage.


Click here for more information on the PCA/eteamz partnership.

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Announcements and Sports and Community Boards are moving to! The Community uses newer technology that is easier to navigate through. And, it already houses thousands of interesting and relevant sports-related topics.


Your bookmarks for eteamz announcements and boards won’t change – the specific topics and much of the history will be migrated over to and redirected from the same eteamz pages you’ve always visited.


Click here to see an example of a sports board on


Click here to see an example of an sports announcement page:


Just login to the Community using the same email/password combination you use to login to eteamz.


Also, don’t forget to visit the eteamz blog on the Community pages for product updates and exciting eteamz announcements!


We hope you will enjoy being a part of the larger Community.




Please note, Support Message Boards will not be moving to at this time.

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