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November 24, 2010

SmartMessage Center Tip of the Month


The SmartMessage center makes it easier than ever for you to collect your roster information and add it into your eteamz roster.


Collect Roster Information:


1) Login to your Site Admin; go to  Communication > Team Messages folder


2) Select the Templates tab


3) Select the Team Mgmt section


4) Collect Roster information SmartMessage Template



5) Send the SmartMessage email to your coaches, parents, volunteers and players asking them to complete their contact information


6) When they respond, their information is automatically placed into your eteamz website roster.


Now that's FAST & EASY!


Login and start collecting your roster today!


Questions? Contact eteamz support:

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If your team or league is associated to an Organization, you can also associate your eteamz site to that Organization. When associated to an Organization you can:


-          -Stay up to date through messages from the Organization

-          -Receive more relevant content on your eteamz site, such as having Team Store geared more closely to your Organization


Little League leagues– in addition to the above, associating your site to Little League Baseball and Softball will allow you to add your team to the LLB finder.


Associating your site to an Organization:


1.       1. Go to your “My Site Design” folder in eteamz

2.       2. Click on Listing

3.       3. Under All Sports, choose your sport and click add to move it to the Selected Sports field


Image 1.png


4.       4. In the “Organizations” dropdown select the Organization that your site is associated to.


Image 2.png


5.       5. Click “Update Listing” (Note: You may be prompted to fill out other required contact fields before being able to save the changes )


Little League only:


6.       6. If your site is associated to Little League, you’ll notice that a button has been added next to the Little League Organization:


Image 3.png


7.       7. Click the "Add your site" button and follow the prompts



Questions?: Contact eteamz support at

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