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If you are on one of the customizable templates, you have probably noticed a change in design to your Admin folders. This is something we are really excited about as it allows for easier navigation, a cleaner design, and eliminates the need to scroll up and down your site via the expandable folders.


Expandable Folders

Now you only have to click on the folder header once and it’ll automatically expand and display all folder contents.  To close the folder, simply click on the folder header and it will automatically close up


If you want to see all the contents in your folders, simply click on each of the folder headings and they’ll display the folder contents.  You can display all folder contents at one time if you choose.  Or you can choose to only display the folder contents of certain folders that you most often navigate.


View This Site

The expandable folders allow the “View This Site” icon to display much higher on the page, eliminating the need to have to scroll up and down so often after making changes.  This should save you time and frustration when making edits to your site and wanting to view them right away.


Folder Contents Outline

We’ve provided an outline below for you to view what each of the folders now contain as far as content and where you should navigate to find a feature.


“My Sites” Folder

This folder takes you to your sites home page.


“Team Name” Folder

This is your Team Admin Page in which you’re currently viewing.


“My Account/PLUS” Folder

This contains your Account, Support, and Preferences content.


“My Site Design” Folder

This houses the Customize, Labels, Page Ordering, Page Access, Web Address, and Listing sections.


“Website Pages” Folder

Here you’ll find content for your Home Page, News, Adding a New Page, Handouts, Links, Sponsors, Guestbook, Message Boards, and Surveys & Polls.


“People” Folder

Manage your People, Roster, Board, Online Registration, Member Access, and Access Settings from this folder.


“Teams/Leagues” Folder

This houses your Teams and/or Leagues.


“Communication” Folder

Communicate with your team with Team Messages, Email Lists, Message Cast, and eTracker from here, as well as Contact Support.


“Calendar” Folder

Manage Calendars, Games, Scores, Practices, Seasons, and Locations here.


“Files & Photos” Folder

Upload and edit Albums, Sounds, Videos, and Files from this location.


“Fundraising & Store” Folder

Use this folder for Fundraising, Donations, and getting gear with the Team Store.


Check it out for yourself!  We know you’ll like it. Login and explore today!

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Communication is critical to the cohesiveness, efficiency and spirit of a teams and can be a competitive edge that helps teams win games. Or it can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for teams that aren’t working well together.


So why do coaches and parents dread it so much?  And why do so many teams do it so poorly?


Here's how you can help make it a team priority.


At the first team meeting or practice, use any real examples of how good communication can be a competitive advantage can make the season more productive and more fun.  Use examples of how poor communication can do the reverse.  Let the team know that you’ll be using your website and the SmartMessage Center for all team communication throughout the season and to be on the lookout for the first team messages.


By expressing that poor communication is not optional and each player or parent should designate someone from the family to respond on behalf of the player or parent to each SmartMessage, this will help start success on and off the field.

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As mentioned in a previous post, we are modifying the Admin Folders on your customizable templates. As the original functionality will remain the same, the organization has been modified to enhance your overall user experience. Starting today, you can expect:


  • A fresh, clean look and feel
  • Expandable folders which open and close with one click
  • The ability to view all or none of the expanded folders
  • One easy click to “View This Site” without having the scroll down the screen


Please feel free to reference the updated Admin Manual for usage instructions.

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..."Bring It" submitted by Brianna Cassidy! Congratulations on winning a $100 gift card, courtesy of Sports Studio Casting!

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