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With eteamz Ad Option you can cover the cost of your eteamz PLUS site!


Here's how...


There are two ad spots on eteamz sites: why not use them to promote YOUR local sponsors?!?


eteamz Ads vs Sponsor Ads.png


With eteamz Ad Option you can upload any ads that you want to run on your site, and have up to 20 different ads rotating in the two spots at any given time.


It’s as simple as…

  • Sell ad spots to your sponsors, so that they’ll get promoted on every page of your site
  • Use some of that sales money to purchase Ad Option in your My Account/PLUS folder
  • It’s a win/win for you AND your sponsors – you get money for your team and they get more exposure!


Ad Option in action


Here’s an example of how Ad Option can make money for a team site…


1. Team admin purchases PLUS and Ad Option for a total of $123.90

2. The admin contacts local sponsors

3. The admin sells 10 small ads for $10 dollars each and 10 large ads for $25 dollars each, for the course of a year

4. The sponsors send their ads to the admin

5. The admin uploads the ads to their eteamz site

6. The admin collects $350 from ad sales and has $226.10 leftover for the team! (after covering the cost of PLUS and Ad Option)


Ad Option for League and Organization sites differ in pricing. Please visit to view pricing for Ad Option and PLUS. 


Questions? Contact eteamz support at:

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