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eteamz Administrators,


You've asked and we've delivered -- we are very excited to announce that custom email addresses are now available!


You can now have a custom email address to match your eteamz custom domain.


To purchase custom emails, you must have an eteamz custom domain through eteamz/OpenSRS. You can also purchase a domain and the emails at the same time through eteamz, in your My Account/PLUS folder. If you purchased a custom domain through eteamz prior to February of 2010, please contact Hover ( to inquire about email addresses for your domain.


How it works:


1. Purchase custom emails in your My Account/PLUS folder; make sure to take note of the address and password you fill out in the form (NOTE: this will differ from your eteamz login)




2. Once you purchase the custom emails, a new folder will display under your My Account/PLUS folder in eteamz.


Custom Email Folder.png



Use the username and password from the purchase page to login to your new mailbox on the Custom Email page.




3. When you login, your mailbox will open in a new window. Save this window as a bookmark if you’d like to access the mailbox directly, outside of your eteamz site. Use this mailbox just as you would a Yahoo or Gmail mailbox.




4. Add up to 4 more custom emails by clicking the Admin folder in your mailbox.


Visit our FAQs to Learn more   


Or, contact eteamz support at:


Thank you,


Your friends at eteamz

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Hey eteamz Members!

This summer, create a winning web site with all the features and benefits of eteamz PLUS. eteamz PLUS members enjoy numerous benefits, including full site customization, use of 70+ professionally designed web site templates and the ability to add 16 additional web pages to their site, just to name a few.

Visit our PLUS features page for more information on the benefits of eteamz PLUS:


Copy and paste this Coupon Code 66R57G. Expires 6/30/11


How to redeem a coupon:

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Dear eteamz Members,


Some of you have been experiencing issues with accessing the contacts in your Smart Message Center. eteamz software developers have been working with Circle Up, the company who brings you the SMC. We apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced and we expect to have an update on this issue by the end of the week. You can check back here for updated information on these issues.


Again, we apologize for these issues and any inconvenience they may have caused. If you have any questions, feel free to contact eteamz Customer Support at


Best regards,


Your friends at eteamz



UPDATE 5/23/11:


Dear eteamz members,


We apologize for the delay in a Smart Message Center fix. CircleUp is currently working on a solution to the issue. We will send an update as soon as we have new information.


In the interim, PLUS members can use the Email List functionality in eteamz to send group emails to your eteamz site members.


To access the email lists, go to Communication>Email Lists – create a list from a pool of your site members or send an email to an existing list by clicking the envelope icon next to the list.


Thank you for your patience



UPDATE 5/25/11


Thank you again for your patience. Some eteamz members have reported that the SMC is now working for them, but we are not able to confirm a permanent fix for all sites at this time.


Another update will be posted here as soon as we get confirmation from CircleUp.


If you have any questions please contact eteamz support




-Your friends at eteamz

UPDATE 5/26/11:

We’ve received final confirmation from CircleUp that the SMC issue has been resolved.

If you experience any issues with your Smart Messages, please contact eteamz support as soon as possible.

We apologize for the time it took to resolved this issue and we thank you again for your patience while eteamz and CircleUp worked through this.

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In November of 2010, we introduced Single Elimination Tournament Brackets to eteamz PLUS sites with customizable templates.  We hope you’ve had a chance to check them out!


This year, we’ve added  two more tournament  types – Double Elimination and Round Robin!


Tournament Options.png


Visit your eteamz admin Website Pages section to create a tournament bracket today!


Want to learn more about Double Elimination and Round Robin tournament brackets? Just click on the links below...


Double Elimination:


Round Robin:


We hope you enjoy the new tournament features! We encourage you to leave feedback about our tournament brackets or about any other eteamz features:

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