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Congratulations to our Spooky Site Winners!


We couldn't decide on just three, so we have four winners this year...


Coupon codes for a year of FREE eteamz PLUS will be emailed to our winners.


Thank you to everyone who participated!


Happy Hauntings,


-Your friends at eteamz



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If you’re still going old school with your template, it’s time to upgrade! The customizable eteamz template, introduced in 2009, is an improved version of the previous template. And, the only thing that will change when you add a new template is the up-to-date appearance of your site and your ability to use two of our most popular features for teams and leagues:


  • Facebook Administration: By adding Facebook tools to eteamz, you will be able to communicate with members through the most popular social network. Facebook helps to spread valuable information and keep people coming back to your site.  And the best part is, everything you need is already built into eteamz and you can utilize these features whether you have your own Facebook account or not.  Learn more about Facebook Administration.


  • Tournament Brackets: The eteamz tournament functionality gives you all the tools you need to easily create, publish and print your tournaments!  This includes single elimination, double elimination, round robin tournaments and more!  Learn more about Tournament Brackets.

Here at eteamz, we have a lot of new features coming your way and we don’t want you to miss out on being able to use them because your site template is out of date.  Worried about losing your data?  Don’t fret, your schedules, rosters, site news and other information will be safe and you’ll still have full access to it.  When you upgrade your eteamz template, you will be able to choose whether you’d like to add features like Facebook Administration+ and Tournament Brackets+ to your website.  To upgrade to a new template, go to your admin panel and click “Customize” under the My Site Design folder.


+ Facebook Administration and Tournament Brackets are exclusive to PLUS accounts.


Spotlight Site: Lakeside National.  Check out how this innovative site admin utilized eteamz newest features!


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