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Your team is #1, but how does your website rank on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo? Increase your eteamz site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making some easy changes to your site.


Quality and Content


Make sure your eteamz pages are content-rich and include many relevant key words in the content. The content should be original, valuable and unique and the key words should be those you want to rank for on searches. Don’t try to fake it with a list of keywords, though - search engines prefer “natural” content to “listed” content.


For better SEO, include content that is:

Original – update eteamz News pages with articles that summarize specific practices, players, games and team parties

Informative – include content such as local news related to your sport or team and original articles with tips related to your sport

Valuable - always stick with the general “theme” of your website (ex. baseball, sports, youth)

Unique – include your town’s name, your team’s name, local school names, local business names, sponsor names and field location names in various News articles


Link Building


One of the most efficient practices of Search Engine Optimization is link building. Arrange for other, relevant websites (such as blogs, sponsor websites, or school websites) to link to your eteamz site.

Don’t forget to also add hyperlinks from your site. These links should point to sites that are interesting to your site members and relevant to your team/sport/league/association.


Meta Data

Meta data (including title tags and description) should accurately describe the contents of your website. If you have a custom domain with eteamz and would like us to update the title tag and/or meta description, please contact our support team with your request: Please include your custom domain, your eteamz site ( and what you would like the title tag and description to be. If you don’t have a custom domain, visit your My Account/PLUS, Account section in your eteamz admin to purchase one for $14.95/year.


Be Patient


New sites (eteamz or otherwise) can sometimes take weeks to get indexed with the search engines. Give it a little time then watch your site move up the search ranks!


If you have any questions, please contact us:


-Your friends at eteamz

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Following is one of the 10 case studies in The Power of Double-Goal Coaching, the latest book by PCA Founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson.



In a crucial situation near the end of a tight game against a strong opponent, the official makes a call against your team that appears wrong. Two parents of your players, outraged by the call, begin to yell at the officials. Your team loses narrowly. The parents continue to scream at the official while your players look to you expectantly. As a Double-Goal Coach®, what should you do?



As bad as things are, they can get much worse. Your first priority is reining in your outraged parents. And I do mean "your" parents. Parents come with players, and it is your responsibility to shape their behavior as well as that of your players. Here's how:



If you have an assistant coach, have him take players to a meeting place away from the field. If you are the only coach present, ask your captains to gather the team at a meeting place and wait for you there.


  • Approach the yelling parents to quiet them down. Be firm without causing any further escalation. "I need you to leave the officials alone right now!"


  • Empathize with the parents while reminding them that they are violating your team culture of Honoring the Game. "I know that was a tough call to take, but I need you to stop and set an example for our team." If Honoring the Game is part of your team culture, remind them now. "Remember, we’re a team that Honors the Game. We’ve got to live up to that now."


  • Thank the officials. If you agree that the bad call may have cost your team the game, this may be hard, but it would be a big Honoring-the-Game statement. "Thank you for officiating today. I know this is often a thankless job. I want you to know I will speak to my parents to make sure they don’t act this way in the future."


  • Address your team, ideally within earshot of the parents so you can talk to them through your remarks to the players. This is a great time to remind your players that they played a good game. Don't let the controversial call overshadow their great effort. "We had a tough call at the end of the game, but I was proud of the way you kept competing. In life we don't always get the right calls, but competitors don't whine about it – they refocus on the next play. And that's what you did today."


  • End by recommitting to Honoring the Game. "We're a team that shows respect for officials even when they mess up. Thank you for not harping on them today."


Before the  next game, talk to the parents in question to ensure they are  prepared to behave themselves in the future. Wait for the  emotion

to  dissipate, but do talk with them so they know you expect them  to Honor the  Game in the future.

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