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With eteamz Ad Option you can cover the cost of your eteamz PLUS site!


Here's how...


There are two ad spots on eteamz sites: why not use them to promote YOUR local sponsors?!?


eteamz Ads vs Sponsor Ads.png


With eteamz Ad Option you can upload any ads that you want to run on your site, and have up to 20 different ads rotating in the two spots at any given time.


It’s as simple as…

  • Sell ad spots to your sponsors, so that they’ll get promoted on every page of your site
  • Use some of that sales money to purchase Ad Option in your My Account/PLUS folder
  • It’s a win/win for you AND your sponsors – you get money for your team and they get more exposure!


Ad Option in action


Here’s an example of how Ad Option can make money for a team site…


1. Team admin purchases PLUS and Ad Option for a total of $123.90

2. The admin contacts local sponsors

3. The admin sells 10 small ads for $10 dollars each and 10 large ads for $25 dollars each, for the course of a year

4. The sponsors send their ads to the admin

5. The admin uploads the ads to their eteamz site

6. The admin collects $350 from ad sales and has $226.10 leftover for the team! (after covering the cost of PLUS and Ad Option)


Ad Option for League and Organization sites differ in pricing. Please visit to view pricing for Ad Option and PLUS. 


Questions? Contact eteamz support at:

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This month, eteamz is offering a whopping 40% off of Ad Option for a year.


Ad Option allows PLUS users to remove, customize or sell advertising space to sponsors.


1. Sell the ad space to your local sponsors

2. Upload up to 20 ads for your sponsors

3. Watch the ads automatically rotate on your site to get ultimate exposure for your sponsors!


Here is your coupon code: 78CL36. This coupon code is valid until 5/31/2011


HOW TO USE THE CODE: Copy this coupon code and go to your eteamz admin. Go to My Account/PLUS and select Control Advertising. Select the Annual option and click Continue to Billing. On the billing page, enter your credit card information and enter the coupon code. Click Apply coupon code and watch the cart total drop by 40%. Agree to terms and confirm purchase to continue.


Once you have purchased Ad Option, go to your My Account/PLUS folder and click Ad Option. Remove ads or ad space under Ad Preferences. Upload custom ads by clicking Customize buttons. Ad sizes are 750x90px and 250x90px.


If you are not completely satisfied with Ad Option, send us the above coupon code in an email within 60 days of purchase and we will completely refund your purchase. This guarantee is for Ad Option purchases made during the month of May of 2011 only. All other purchases fall under our Terms of Use. Email:


We hope you enjoy the benefit of having control over your ads! If you have any questions about Ad Option, don’t hesitate to contact us:


-Your friends at eteamz

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Hey eteamz Ad Option users,


You asked for the ability to remove the ad space when ads are removed on eteamz – and we delivered!


To remove the ad space above your logo and site banner, go to your My Account/PLUS folder and choose Ad Option.


Under Ad Preferences, choose No next to Keep top border space? Click update to save changes.


Ad Option Ad Preferences.png


Questions? Contact eteamz support at

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Congratulations to Hayden Little League for their well executed eteamz site. They’ve won 5GB of free storage for life and they will be featured on our login page for an entire month!


Check out the eteamz features that Hayden has used to achieve their great site:


1. Use of new customizable PLUS templates

2. Albums

3. Custom Domain

4. Schedules

5. League Fundraising activated

6. Ads Off


Hayden Spotlight Site.png


Visit their site at


Think your eteamz site deserves the spotlight? Email us and tell us why.


-Your friends at eteamz

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Is your site lacking in fun and therefore lacking in site visits? Read these 10 easy tips to increase your site’s coolness factor!


#1 Fun menu names. Update your site’s menu names so they are fresh and fun. Change your Home page to “Home Plate” or your Locations page to “Where it’s at!” Get creative and have fun with it! In your site admin, go to My Site Design>Labels.


#2 Include a team picture on your Home Page. Parents and players LOVE to see a team photo on the site. Some of the best looking and most visited eteamz sites include a team photo on their home page. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>Home Page.


#3 Take it easy. Rather than including everything under the sun on your home page, try to just fit the most valuable information above the fold of the home page (the part visitors can see without scrolling down), then use the News pages to add content to your site. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).    


#4 This just in!  Update your site with new articles regularly – relevant, local and personal stories will keep site visitors informed and engaged AND increase your site’s SEO. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).


#5 Link to relevant sites from your home and News pages (this also helps with SEO). If you have a basketball site, an example of some relevant sites would be and Link to your school’s website, your town’s website, and Facebook pages. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>Links (or Add a New Page).


#6 Play around with color. Keeping with your team’s color theme is great – but how about dressing up your sites a little during the holidays? Or swap the background colors with the font colors? Keep it fresh and people won’t get bored with the same old thing. In your site admin, go to My Site Design>Customize.


#7 Feature different players each month – give them their own News page and include pictures, stats, and fun facts. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).


#8 Add fun NEW pages (PLUS sites only). Include fun pages such as Concession Stand menus. In your site admin, go to Website Pages> Add a New Page.


#9 Pictures are worth a thousand words And storage is cheap, so add lots of photos regularly. Announce new pictures by posting slideshows on Facebook. In your site admin, go to Files & Photos>Albums.


#10 Get a custom domain – eteamz offers them for $14.95 a year (just $1.25 a month)! In your site admin, go to My Account/PLUS>Account to purchase a domain or contact eteamz support to transfer a domain to eteamz.


Questions? Contact eteamz support:

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Keep your team informed of new product features and special offers from eteamz and our Partners. These alerts include “new” and “sale” icons in your site menu to inform site visitors when a partner has added a new deal, and occasional special offer promotions. Unless your site has Ad Option, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new alerts.


You won’t want to miss these offers – they may include special sales on team apparel and equipment, or discounts on eteamz products!


If you have a PLUS site and you’re not interested in promoting team store deals or other eteamz Partner Updates on your site, no problem! Simply disable the Partner Updates under My Account/PLUS>Preferences. Note: disabling this feature in a top level site will also make it apply to all sub-sites.


If your site has Ad Option, these updates will default to Disabled, and you can turn them on within your Preferences folder.


Questions? Contact eteamz support at

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Dear eteamz members,


Many eteamz features are stored on Amazon servers which have been experiencing issues since about 1 AM PST today, April 21st, 2011. This issue has affected the ability to view and update multiple areas on eteamz sites. We apologize for the inconvenience and have confidence that Amazon is doing everything in their power to get this fixed as soon as possible.


You can track the progress of this issue by going to


Thank you for your patience while these issues are being investigated.


Best regards,


-Your friends at eteamz

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When PCA presents its live group workshops for leaders, coaches and parents all over the country, one Positive Coaching technique that always raises eyebrows – and occasionally voices – is use of the "Magic Ratio."



The Magic Ratio, rooted in sports and educational psychology research, states that coaches can get the most out of youth athletes by providing five specific, truthful praises for every one piece of specific, constructive criticism. "Five to one?!" we hear, "When Danny makes five errors for every ball he fields cleanly, how am I supposed to get to this ratio?!"



There are ways to achieve the Magic Ratio, legitimately, while helping your players improve. Take a simple fungo-fielding drill. Let's say you've got five players in a line, and you hit 10 ground balls to each of them in a five-minute drill.



That's 10 chances to find something positive to say to each player. Start the fungo drill slowly, hitting balls that are relatively easy to field. That will gently warm up the players and build their confidence as they field balls cleanly.



And since they are fielding cleanly, you have a chance to offer specific, truthful praise.



"Great footwork, Danny, that's it, left-right field, left-right throw,"



"Perfect triangle from feet to glove, Susie."



"Way to keep that glove low, Bill. That's even better than last practice."



As the drill progresses, gradually increase intensity and make the players range. Warmed up and buoyed by confidence from their successful fielding and your praise, they will make the tougher plays, giving you the chance to praise them more and build more confidence, which will lead to more success.



On the tougher plays that they miss, provide specific constructive criticism, which they are more likely to accept since they are more confident from their earlier success and because they have heard plenty of your praise.



For more ideas on how to get the most from your players while helping them get the most out of sports, visit

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