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Discontinuation of Smart Message Center



Due to continued problems with the Circle Up Smart Message Center, we have decided to discontinue offering this service as a part of eteamz.  We understand that many of you have found the Smart Message Center to be a valuable tool, but the recent unreliability with the service has caused us to conclude that it is something we can no longer offer to our customers. Please note that as of November 15, 2011, eteamz site admins will no longer be able to access their Smart Message Center. We’d advise that you download your members list by visiting the Group Messages or Team Messages menu item of your eteamz site as soon as possible so you can easily access all of your contacts moving forward.



Don’t forget that as an eteamz admin, there are other helpful communication features that are available to you: 



Email lists - Create email lists based on your website members. Easily organize member addresses and email via an email application such as Microsoft Outlook and create as many lists as you need for your coaches, players, parents, etc.  Email Lists can be accessed by visiting the Communication in your Admin menu.


Surveys and Polls - Create surveys, question forms, or polls to display on your site. This allows you to easily collect important (or fun) information from your site visitors and members.  Surveys and Polls can be accessed by visiting Website Pages in your Admin menu.


MessageCast – Reach out to your team, league or group with custom broadcast phone messages. Configure groups of your site members, type in your messages and deliver them as telephone calls to everyone you choose...anytime you want. The cost to send a MessageCast will vary depending on the length of the message and the number of recipients receiving a call.  Available to both PLUS and free website administrators.  MessageCast can be accessed by visiting Communication in your Admin menu.


NEW! Facebook Administration - By adding Facebook tools to eteamz, you will be able to communicate with members through the most popular social network. Facebook helps to spread valuable information and keep people coming back to your site. And the best part is, everything you need is already built into eteamz and you can utilize these features whether you have your own Facebook account or not! Facebook Administration is available to PLUS admins under the Communication folder.


If you have any questions about the discontinuation of the Smart Message Center or the additional communication tools available, contact eteamz support at

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