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Customizable templates (introduced in 2009) are an improved version of the previous template and are the only type eteamz launches new features for.  In summer 2012, all eteamz sites will be automatically transitioned to a customizable template.   


Update your site before the transition

To update your site to a new template, go to your admin resource center and click “Customize” under the My Site Design folder.  Select a template, click save changes, and you will be up to date.  Worried about losing your data?  Don’t fret, your schedules, rosters, site news and other information will be safe and you’ll still have full access to it.


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Popular features exclusively available to customizable templates

3-29-2012 12-28-05 PM.pngMobile Ready Sites

Sites with customizable templates are automatically optimized for easy viewing and navigation on smartphones and tablets. 


Facebook Administration +

Add Facebook tools to your site and communicate with members through the most popular social network, whether you have your own Facebook account or not. 

Tournament Brackets +

Tournament functionality gives you all the tools you need to easily create, publish and print your tournaments on your site.

+ Facebook Administration and Tournament Brackets are exclusive to PLUS accounts.



Not sure if you are on a customizable template or not?  Download the HOW TO document attached for a step-by-step guide to upgrading or Visit Customizable Templates FAQs.    

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