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If your team or league is associated to an Organization, you can also associate your eteamz site to that Organization. When associated to an Organization you can:


-          -Stay up to date through messages from the Organization

-          -Receive more relevant content on your eteamz site, such as having Team Store geared more closely to your Organization


Little League leagues– in addition to the above, associating your site to Little League Baseball and Softball will allow you to add your team to the LLB finder.


Associating your site to an Organization:


1.       1. Go to your “My Site Design” folder in eteamz

2.       2. Click on Listing

3.       3. Under All Sports, choose your sport and click add to move it to the Selected Sports field


Image 1.png


4.       4. In the “Organizations” dropdown select the Organization that your site is associated to.


Image 2.png


5.       5. Click “Update Listing” (Note: You may be prompted to fill out other required contact fields before being able to save the changes )


Little League only:


6.       6. If your site is associated to Little League, you’ll notice that a button has been added next to the Little League Organization:


Image 3.png


7.       7. Click the "Add your site" button and follow the prompts



Questions?: Contact eteamz support at

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A Beta version of eteamz Tournament Brackets is now available to PLUS sites with customizable templates! The new Tournament functionality provides you with the tools you need to create, publish and print your tournaments with ease!

You can set up new brackets or edit existing ones in your site admin under Website Pages > Tournament Brackets. Click Add a Tournament.

Then, follow the steps through the Tournament set up wizard:

Tourn 1.png

Tourn 2 Enter.png

Tourn 3 Game Details.png


Once the game details have been saved, you can Publish your tournament to your many different pages on your eteamz site:


Tourn 5 Publish.png


Published view:



Tourn 6 Published.png

Other ways to share your Brackets: Under the edit screen, click the print icon in the top right corner, then click Print button on the print view. You can print to PDF (if you have the correct software to do so) and email to members or print hardcopies for handouts.  

We’re not done yet! Double Elimination Brackets (including Little League brackets) and customizable print options are next on the list, scheduled for Q1 2011!


We’d love to hear your feedback about the new functionality. Please add any suggestions to the eteamz Feedback forum (top, right hand corner of your site admin) OR contact us at:


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Announcements and Sports and Community Boards are moving to! The Community uses newer technology that is easier to navigate through. And, it already houses thousands of interesting and relevant sports-related topics.


Your bookmarks for eteamz announcements and boards won’t change – the specific topics and much of the history will be migrated over to and redirected from the same eteamz pages you’ve always visited.


Click here to see an example of a sports board on


Click here to see an example of an sports announcement page:


Just login to the Community using the same email/password combination you use to login to eteamz.


Also, don’t forget to visit the eteamz blog on the Community pages for product updates and exciting eteamz announcements!


We hope you will enjoy being a part of the larger Community.




Please note, Support Message Boards will not be moving to at this time.

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SmartMessage Center Tip of the Month


Looking for an easy way to collect photos from the team? Look no further than your SmartMessage Center!

Go to Files & Photos> Albums in your site admin. Click Add Photos, then click Collect photos from the team.


SMC Add Photos 1.png

Fill out the SmartMessage form and click Send. When team members respond to the message with image attachments, those images are saved directly to the album you created!


SMC Add Photos 2.png

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eteamz switched to servers so we would be able to offer you more storage for less money. So, what are you waiting for?


In My Account/PLUS folder, click on Full Details. If it says Storage Upgrade 20MB, click the Discontinue link next to it. The 20MB of extra storage will remain until the next renewal date, but you will not be charged again for it.


Then, go to back to My Account/PLUS folder and purchase 5GB of extra storage for only $19.95 a year! This is a lot of extra storage for a lot less money!

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It only takes a little time up front in order to make team registration more cost-effective, less time-consuming and easier in the long run.


1.     Click! In your site admin, go to People, Online Registration. Click Go to Registration Center Now (IMPORTANT: Take note of special login credentials in the pop up))

2.     Login! Login to the Active Network’s login page using special credentials

3.     Set Up! On the Active Registration home page, click Get Started and follow the registration wizard to create a listing

4.     Promote! Once your registration set up is complete, go back to People, Online Registration page to promote your registration




Read below for more information on the Set Up Wizard, registration page, checks and fees



Tips for the Registration Set Up Wizard:


  • The set up wizard will open in a pop-up window
  • The wizard must be completed before any information will be saved, so give yourself some time to complete the wizard
  • If at any time during the wizard the screen appears blank, right click on the pop up and click Refresh or Reload
  • Choose “League” for listing type
  • Benefiting organization – this can be left blank
  • A confirmation email will be sent after set up is complete – you must click on it to finalize the set up process


Registration page: After you have set up online registration, your team can register on an page like the one pictured below.


Team Registration Site.png


Checks: will mail checks every 2 weeks for online registration fees collected to the name and address you provided in the wizard.

Fee structure: There is a $3.25 minimum fee per registration per person. The processing fee structure is as follows:


Fee Structure.png

Questions about Active Network’s Registration Center? Please contact

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It’s not just about custom team apparel anymore!  eteamz has partnered with Café Press and Team Express to offer special discounts on equipment, custom uniforms, trophies and awards for you and your team!


In addition, eteamz site admins now have the option to make commissions and report on sales of Custom Team Apparel (see Fundraising & Store > Custom Team Apparel > Earn Money). Details can be found here:


All items can be found in your site admin on your eteamz site under Fundraising & Store.


Custom Apparel

Choose from available designs or create custom t-shirts, mugs, hats or gym bags with your team’s colors and logos!


1 Team Store Apparel.png




Everything you’ll need for a successful season – helmets, footwear, field equipment, accessories and a whole lot more!


2 Team Store Equipment.png



Wow the other teams with professional quality custom uniforms and accessories!


2 Team Store Uniforms.png


Trophies and Awards


Recognize your star players and commemorate the season with top-of-the-line customizable trophies, medals and plaques.


4 Team Store Trophies.png


Team Store (on eteamz site)


The new team mall will be located on your eteamz site under Team Store. Tell your site members about it today!






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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and inspired by the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, eteamz is proud to introduce a new site template.


For the month of October, let your eteamz PLUS site serve as a reminder that annual screening and early detection are important in the fight against breast cancer - especially for women who are 40 and older.


Breast cancer touches the lives of so many; you can contribute by helping to raise awareness through your team’s website. 


ACC Template.png


Changing your eteamz template will not result in any lost data and you can change your template back at any time. Any customizations added prior to changing the template would need to be manually reset.


To change your site template, go to the My Site Design Folder and click Customize. Choose your template and colors then click Save Changes.


How to ACC Template.png


Questions? Contact support:

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Over the past few months, we've made some enhancements to eteamz that we're pretty excited about. Additionally, we have a few in the works for the rest of the year that we think will help improve your eteamz experience.


Feedback: As we continue to improve our product, we look to you, our members, to provide feedback on new features and functionality.  It's with your support that we're able to continue providing you with a website building tool that suits your team's needs. It’s for this reason that we introduced the eteamz Feedback forum with UserVoice technology. Visit our forum by clicking on the Feedback tab located in your site Admin tool. Share your thoughts or vote on other members’ ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Oct 2010 UserVoice Pop Up.png


Search: Looking for a Team or a League? Check out our new Search functionality: Click Refine Your Search to find a Team or League by City, Sport, Age, State, Skill, Gender and Organization.


Product Search.png


SEO: eteamz recently made some improvements that will allow your site to be more readily available to search engines such as Google.


Photo Gifts: Learn more about our photo prints and gifts (such as mugs, aprons and wall clings) on our new photo gifts page:


Albums and Storage: You can now delete a file from storage directly from an Album! When deleting a photo from an album, a pop up is displayed with the option of deleting the photo permanently from the site (in turn deleting the item from storage).


Delete from Album.png


Based on customer feedback, we’re also working on a more modern and user-friendly Calendar as well as a tool to create Tournament Brackets with ease. Stay tuned for some exciting items being released in Q4!

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How to redeem a coupon in eteamz



1.     Copy the coupon code: Select and right click the code and click Copy

2.     Login to eteamz Admin

3.     If you have multiple sites, click Admin for the site you want to redeem the coupon for


Coupon 2.png

4.     Click on My Account/Plus, click Account

Coupon 3.png



5.     Select the upgrade you wish to purchase (per coupon offer) and click Continue to Billing

Coupon 4.png



6.     Follow the steps in the image below:


Coupon 5.png

Questions? Contact eteamz support:

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Do you share the responsibility of managing your eteamz site with others? Why not share your SmartMessage Circles with them too?


FACT: An easy way to send group messages is through the SmartMessage Center

FACT: A SmartMessage contact list is called a Circle

FACT: Smart Message Circles can be shared with other site Admins


To share your Circle, go to Communication, Team Messages in your site Admin tool.


  1. Click on the Contacts tab.
  2. In the Circles section, click on any Circle with the SmartMessage logo next to it
  3. Click checkbox next to Share this Circle
  4. Click Update

SMC Tip Oct.png


Your Circle has now been shared!

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Do you have specific ideas about how eteamz can be improved? Share your ideas at our new Feedback forum!


Oct 2010 Feedback tab.png


Even if you don’t have something specific in mind, you can view and vote on other members’ ideas.


Click on the Feedback tab to open the forum. A shadowbox will display the top 5 requests that eteamz customers have voted on. From this display, click to vote on existing requests, go to our forum to create a new request or click on the support link to contact us.


Oct 2010 UserVoice Pop Up.png


Each member gets 10 votes to start. You can give zero to three votes on any one item. If you run out, your votes will be “returned” to you when your ideas are completed. You can also change your votes by clicking on them and choosing a different number (0 - 3).


You’ll also get a (digested) email of any activity on your ideas: comments, admin responses, status changes:


Oct 2010 Email Digest.png


eteamz takes your feedback and turns it into new and updated features and product improvements. Visit our Feedback forum today!

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Earlier this week, eteamz released some exciting Albums updates!

1. Learn more about our Photo gifts and prints! Photo gifts product details page; links from Create Photo Gift page:
August Blog - Product details.png
2. Delete a file from storage directly from an Album! When deleting a photo from an album, a pop up is displayed with the option of deleting the photo permanently from the site (in turn deleting the item from storage).
August Blog - Delete photos.png
We hope you enjoy the new updates! If you have any questions, please visit
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We are excited to announce some new features and enhancements on eteamz!


  • Events can be now be scheduled for years 2011 – 2015
  • Text color issue fixed – intermittent issue where font color was changing to the same color as the background is now fixed. Please note, to see this fix you must resave your Custom settings. Go to your My Site Design folder, click Customize, choose Content. Make sure the settings are correct and click Save Changes.  


Good news for League One and Registration Center users!


  • Import up to 1000 people directly from your registration lists on League One or Active’s Registration Center


From the People folder, click on Import up to 1000 people:


People Folder.png


Choose from Excel (or CSV), League One or




Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in the coming weeks!

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We are excited to announce some new features and enhancements on eteamz!


  • Importing people - we’ve optimized the time it takes to import people and we’ve increased the reliability of the import!
  • eteamz Support form emails will help ensure that your question gets to the proper department for faster response times! See the form by clicking here.


Support Email Form


04 2010 Blog Form Email.png


  • Your site’s Custom Domain name is now listed in your PLUS folder


Custom Domain name in PLUS folder


04 2010 Blog Domain Name.png

  • PLUS members can easily edit new pages directly after adding them


Add a New Page / Add and Edit Links


04 2010 Blog New Pages.png


Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in the coming weeks!

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