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New Magazine Fundraiser

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Sep 10, 2008

ActiveTeamFundraising and eteamz are excited to announce that we will be releasing a new and improved fundraising program on Thursday, September 11th. This update will help raise your fundraising initiatives to new heights!


You can now easily create and manage an online magazine store directly from your eteamz site. Here are just a few of the reasons why magazine stores have proven to be such a successful fundraiser:


  • Creating and managing a store is a free & easy way to raise funds online

  • Everything is online--no door-to-door selling & no inventory

  • Your magazine store can be fully personalized & is completely secure

  • Your magazine store can be fully personalized & is completely secure

  • Your supporters can choose from over 650 magazines at up to 85% off cover prices

  • The magazine stores are a perfect way to reach supporters nationwide-not just local supporters

  • You will receive monthly profit checks for 40% of all sales

  • Your team/league members can earn unbelievable top seller prizes like iphones and TVs!

  • And much more!


Getting Started


Look for the fundraising upgrades within the Fundraising folder in your Site Admin.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started with your fundraising campaign:


How to create your online magazine fundraising store


How to manage your online magazine fundraising store




Access for Supporters


To provide your supporters with easy access to your team or league’s fundraising campaign, you will find a "Support Our Team" link at the bottom of the left navigation menu on your eteamz site.

This will automatically be added to your site. Through this link your team members and supporters can visit your online magazine store to take advantage of the available fundraising options.



If you don’t want to provide your supporters with access to your fundraising campaign through the “Support Our Team” link, you can easily remove it from your site within the Pages section of your Access folder.



Happy Fundraising!



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We will be adding two new fields within the Colors section of your Site Appearance folder this week to help you customize your team’s unique sports gear.


Team Gear Color #1 changes the primary colors of your Sportswear merchandise and Team Gear Color #2 changes the secondary color.


When changing these colors, it will also update the merchandise thumbnails within the Sportswear page on your eteamz site. Play with the colors to create your customized apparel!

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epointz Program

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Sep 10, 2008

As of September 11th, the epointz program is being suspended while we work on bringing you a better rewards program.


In the meantime, get involved with these other eteamz programs:



eteamz Buddy is an easy-to-use referral program available to eteamz members and non-members alike. All you need to do is sign up, get your unique coupon code, and spread the word. If anyone buys an eteamz PLUS Website using your code, we'll pay you a referral fee.



The world of team sports through photography. Do you have a top-notch sports photo that the world needs to see? Members can submit photos for a chance to win the SnapShotz monthly photo contest.


Spotlight Sites

Think your site deserves to be recognized? We like to take some time every month to recognize a handful of sites that go above and beyond. Submit your site to be featured "Spotlight Site" of the month for your sport.



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Hello Admins - it appears that some email clients are displaying the HTML link I gave you to reference uploaded images in last night's September Inside Wire incorrectly.


It's displaying correctly at:

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Effective August 12, 2008 eteamz will be making pricing adjustments for the following: Annual League PLUS sites, Annual Disk Space Upgrades for all site types, Annual Ad Options for all site types. All changes still represent a price savings of over 65% compared to monthly rates. All other sites and purchases will not be affected. To learn more, click here.

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The site will be down temporarily tonight (7/23) at 10pm PST for maintenance.    We expect it to last no longer than 10 minutes.

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Yesterday's outage

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Jul 22, 2008

The Active Network would like to inform you that we have been experiencing some technical issues that has caused us to take eteamz offline over the last 24 hours.


We detected a potential security issue and made the decision to temporarily make eteamz unavailable in order to put additional protection and safeguards in place to guard against this new threat. Your sites were not effected, but we wish to be very cautious in such instances and felt, despite the impact to eteamz and our customers, that the best approach was to modify our systems to ensure the integrity of your sites and the data they contain. The security enhancement and the necessary testing have been completed and eteamz is now available again for your use.

If you are using the following Active products in conjunction with your eteamz site, our IT group is still making the necessary changes. We hope to have them back up soon.


  • Online Registration

  • Active Giving

  • Rankings

  • Event Details Pages on

  • Active Advantage


Update 7/23 - The above Active products are now fully functioning.


We apologize that this incident occurred but the result is a better, more secure eteamz. We know that this is a critical time for many teams and hope that the outage was not too much of an inconvenience. Your security and safety while using eteamz is our #1 priority.


If you have further questions, please contact us. Thank you.



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Site is back up

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Jul 21, 2008

We're aware of the time out error on the website (eteamz community pages and websites). It's an unexpected server issue and we're working on it. I'll post when there's an update. I don't have a time frame at the moment.


We know this is an important time for everyone and apologize for the inconvenience.


7/22 - 6:45am EST - The site is back up.    Thanks for your patience everyone.  I'll post additional information later today.   Feel free to contact us via your Message Center if you have questions.

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Effective August 12, 2008 eteamz will be making pricing adjustments for select features.  Stay tuned for updates!



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We will be doing some routine maintenance in the wee hours tomorrow, at 1:30 am PST.   Hopefully everyone is sleeping, but just a heads up in case you need to be online at that time.    It shouldn't last more than 15 minutes. 



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Temporary site outage

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Apr 18, 2008


We apologize for the temporary site outage earlier today.  All of the Active Network was down.   Our IT group worked as quickly as they could to get it back up .  We apologize for any inconvenience it caused.



Have a good weekend. 



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Hello eteamz members,


Our designers have been hard at work creating a fresh look for the eteamz home page and sub-pages that will help you all navigate the site more easily. All features are still there (site admin, message boards, etc.) but some will have a more modern look and feel. Let us know what you think about the new design by taking a short survey:



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Hello website administrators,



We gave you a new look to your main Admin page (the first page you get to once logged into your Site Admin).   The help resources are still there, we just cleaned it up a bit and added some additional resources.    I may be biased but it looks much better.   I hope you like it too. 



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Albums - Fixed

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Mar 17, 2008

The albums issues listed below have been fixed. Please note that you may need to delete your temporary internet files to see the changes on your site.


Thanks again for your patience.


The following have been fixed:

  • All eteamz albums are not displaying

  • Album is not displaying with the correct date

  • The Albums aren't displaying in the correct order 100% of the time - usually if you select it a few times it will finally "catch."

  • Full Album Description is not displaying.

  • Link to "add photos" (Shutterfly feature) isn't appearing if no previous albums have been entered - until this is fixed you can add a test album (just one image) then the "add photos" link will appear.


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The new Shutterfly features are now working and the eteamz albums are up and running. Thanks for your patience while we worked to fix the initial glitches.


What did we add? Many of you have asked about organizing the Shutterfly Albums as you can with your eteamz albums. That feature is now available. You can organize alphabetically, chronologically or you can customize by dragging and dropping albums in any order.


The look of the Admin interface is different. If you'd like to edit one of your current albums, click the "edit" icon next to that specific album. If you click the edit icon next to one of your eteamz albums, it will take you to the edit page and you will see the "old" interface (to set access levels, change the number of images to display per row, etc.). To delete an album, simply click the "trash" icon.


As always, please contact support via your Message Center with any questions.

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