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You might have noticed a change at the top of your site menu. The old "eteamz Extras" button has been replaced with "Community & Store". The Community & Store section gives users easy access to valuable eteamz resources such as Find A Site, Message Boards, Tips & Drills, Online Registration, Fundraising and more! Our new partner,, can also be found in the Community & Store section. Check out the link to order personalized awards, trophies and more for your team.

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Hi everyone,



The glitch with the announcement and tournament pages has been fixed.  Thanks for your patience while we worked to get it done.



If you're still seeing an issue, try deleting your temporary internet files.  You'll find instructions at:



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Prep Sportswear, our new eteamz sportswear partner, not only gives you the ability to customize and sell team apparel from your eteamz web site, but lets you use your Sportswear Store as a Fundraiser. You can earn up to 15% back on all purchases made! Best of all, the program is FREE!


Program Benefits:


  • Raise funds & show team spirit!

  • No minimum order, no set-up fees

  • Bulk order discounts available

  • Customize fundraising percentage

  • Receive a donation for each sale made

  • Fast shipping. Customers receive orders in 4-5 days!


How to Join:


1. Click on your “Sportswear” link and go to “Manage Your Store”

2. Click on the “Fundraising” tab and follow prompts.

3. Select fundraising name, goal & percentage

4. Promote your Sportswear to your team, family, and friends.

5. Start earning $$$ on each sale made!


Please note that the new Sportswear feature will be automatically turned on. In order to set-up your store as a Fundraiser you will need to follow the steps above. If you do not want to participate in the Sportswear program at all, you can close it at anytime within the Pages section of your Access folder.


For more information, log in to the Sportswear folder in Admin and click the "Manage Your Store" link. Or, visit



Note: If there are multiple admins for your site, only the first one that signs up for fundraising will have access to make changes and collect funds.

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This question has come up quite a bit in the last week so I thought I'd add a tip to the blog.


If you're getting your site ready for the new season or are just starting out, you're usually the coach or manager and want to get yourself added to the Roster. Many admins try to add themselves as a new member. If you do that you will receive a message that you're already a member of the site. Instead, in the Roster folder use the Roster Pool to locate your name and assign yourself. Be sure you select the Type as "coach" when you assign yourself, unless of course you're a player. If you don't see your name immediately, select the appropriate Person Types then click "search pool".



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Items we are working on

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Nov 16, 2007



I wanted to give you an update on the items we are currently working on. Our developers are hard at work and we hope to have fixes released soon.




  • Time out when updating profile (global issue)

  • Time out for some members when logging in

  • Time out on sub-sites (we thought we fixed it, but we're still at it)

  • Time out when printing Calendar, Schedule, etc.

  • Time outs on some websites (99% of the time if you select one of the classic templates in your Site Templates folder, it will solve it in the interim)

  • Color conflict on stats, standings, etc. (again, thought we fixed it but we're still working on it - select a classic template in the interim)

  • Banner ads displaying on new templates for those that have the Ad Option (select a classic template in the interim)

  • Text is "pushed down" on some pages and doesn't align with the menu (again, select a classic template in the interim)


Thanks for your patience everyone.

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The site will be down Tuesday, November 13th from 10pm-12am PST for scheduled maintenance. During that time, the items I posted below should be fixed.

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Hi everyone,


These are the items that we are currently working on and hope to have fixes released early next week. They are global issues so if your site is affected, there is no need to contact us. Thanks for your patience.




  • Banner and Site Menu appearing on printables (schedule, calendar, etc.)

  • Cannot manage Sportswear stores on sub-sites

  • Ad banner displaying on new templates (sites with Ad Option) - in the meantime, you can use a classic template

  • Error when downloading handouts on new site templates - in the meantime, you can use a classic template

  • Issue with image placement in news articles when multiple images are added in different display positions

  • Color issue on classic LLB Template - in the meantime, you can use a different site template

  • Color conflict on schedule, practice and image captions - in the meantime, you can use a classic template

  • Color conflict on schedules and stats (can't view some text due to color discrepency) - in the meantime, you can use a classic template

  • Error when creating sub-sites

  • Season drop down select not appearing on new templates - in the meantime, you can use a classic template


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Congratulations to this year's winners who won a free year of PLUS. We had many great entires and it was tough narrowing it down.





Honorable mentions go to:



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New Site Templates

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Oct 30, 2007

New site templates We just released 24 new professionally designed templates (PLUS sites)!  



The new templates are fun, sporty and easy to use. And the best part, they are 100% ready to go!  All of the font colors and graphics have already been selected by a professional graphic design artist. Of course if you have a little Graphic Designer in you, you can still choose your own colors, fonts, and graphics by using one of the classic templates.


Log in to the Site Templates section of your Site Appearance folder to check them out.



If you have further questions, please contact support directly via your message center  .  Thanks!</i>

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The site will be down Tuesday, October 30th from 1-3am EDT for scheduled maintenance. It's the postponed maintenance per David's post below.

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We're planning for the site to be down tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 23rd) from 10pm-12am PST for scheduled maintenance.

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Break out your cauldron's and witches brew. It's time again for our 6th annual spooky site contest. Spooktify us with your favorite images, background, games and whatever you can find in the Halloween spirit.


Submit your site via the Support icon in your Message Center no later than October 26th. First, second and third place will win one FREE year of PLUS! Winners will be posted on the 31st.



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I've seen many admins sharing log in information recently.  It is very important that you do not share log in information with anyone. Each member should log in with their own username and password. You can assign admins and add members at anytime. Here are some helpful links to get you started.




Assigning Admin access to a specific sub-site only:


Adding Members and Secondary Admins:



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The looping issue where it could take multiple attempts to get signed in (would take you back to the log in page) should now be fixed.   Thanks for your patience everyone. 



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Many of you have asked how to single space in the new EZ Mode text editor.  If you click &quot;enter/return&quot; it will put the next sentence in it's own paragraph.  Instead, you can click &quot;Shift+Return&quot; to get it single spaced.



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