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Having the coolest team site in town shouldn’t be hard.  In fact, it should be easy.  That’s why eteamz makes it easy to customize your site your way, including displaying background images across your entire page!


1) Add your background image by clicking the Site Appearance > Customize folder.

2) Click the Content tab and choose the default image or any image previously uploaded. 

(Note:  if you’d like to upload a new background image, simply click the link next to the box).

3) Click the link that says "Show Options" under the drop down box and check the box that says “both”. 

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We all know the truth to “saving time” these days.  A minute here, a minute there.  They all rack up and before you know it – they’re gone!  Save time by using this tip to help you resize your banner and/or logo images on a customizable template. 


Be sure to resize your banner or logo image prior to uploading for faster results.  Check the size of your banner image to ensure it’s no larger than 800 x 90 pixels and the size of your logo image to ensure it’s no larger than 200 x 90 pixels.


If the image is too large, you’ll need to resize prior to uploading. If you don’t have a standard image editing program already on your computer, the best and easiest program available is called Irfanview (Google it to find where you can download it for free).


If the original image is smaller, you can use the drag bars within the admin panel to make it larger.

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While we are in the process of resolving this for you, here is a tip to workaround it in the mean time. It’s easy and only takes a few clicks of the mouse.


From one of our new, customizable templates,


1) Go to the Customize section within your Site Appearance folder

2) Select the “Content” tab at the top of the page

3) Select any color for the Title Color other than white or black. This also changes your sponsor and location title colors to the selected color but it forces the calendar upcoming/past games and events on home page text back to white so that it remains viewable.

4) Save your changes!

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  And neither does your Welcome Page!  We want to provide you with the tools to help you make a great first and lasting impression with your site visitors so we’ve broken down how to add your name, team/league name, email or other information to your Home Page into 3 steps. 


1)     Click the Welcome Message folder from your folder list

2)     In the large white text box, simply type in whatever information you want to share (team/league name or logo, images, contact name/number, email and other info)

3)     Click the Update Welcome button at the bottom of the page to save all changes and presto…your Welcome Page is updated!   


Be sure to click the Update Welcome button to save all your changes.

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