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Congratulations to Anita Brandon, our December Snapshotz Contest Winner. She submitted "Friends Forever" which received the most votes.




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You are getting your site ready for the season and you have misspelled a member name. Now what should you do? Not to worry, we can show you how to change it without losing all of their stats abd contact information.


First, DO NOT delete the member otherwise you will lose all their information.



So, what should you do?

Have the member login and update their account information by clicking view/edit profile.

Here they can change their name themselves and it will immediately update on your site.

In the meantime, be sure to enter the correct spelling for the member in the Site Display Name field (when you assign them to the Roster for example or edit their account you will see this field).

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It is a new year and a new sport season and we know how excited you must be to get your eteamz site in perfect working condition before you hit the field.  Here are 6 helpful tips to help you add a new season in a cinch.


To add a new season (PLUS sites only):

1)       Go to your Season folder

2)       Click the icon for add a new season

3)       Choose the season of your choice from the drop down box.

4)       There is no need to delete all your previous season information.  This information will remain in the pool box.  If you do not see them in the pool box, simply check all the boxes next to the box and hit the search button which will automatically put them into the pool.

5)       Check the name of the division, team, board member, or player and click assign.  Note:  You should only have to add new teams, divisions, players, etc. if they were not used anywhere last season.

6)       Be sure to make your web page open to the new season by clicking on the pencil icon behind the new season, then check the box labeled to make this the current season.  Other seasons will still be available from the drop down box within the admin panel and on the site.


We recommend naming your teams to help identify what division they are associated with in future seasons.  For example, if you have major teams in each division, add the division name to the team name. Majors Team A for example. Then if the team moves up a division, you can reassign to the higher division and then rename the team by editing it in the Teams folder.


Best of luck this season!

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Recruit team or league volunteers using your SmartMessage Center


With the start of baseball, softball, tennis and many other spring sports, leagues and teams are gearing up for all the many things that need to happen such as getting players registered which lots of forms, ordering uniforms, setting practice schedules and drills, getting snack volunteers, buying the team banner, organizing picture day, etc.


Before things get out of hand, use your SmartMessage Center to recruit team parents and other volunteers to help you out all season long.  You can find the SmartMessage Center in the Team Messages or Group Messages folder in your eteamz site.


Just follow these steps to send a message to your team or league members:


1).  In the SmartMessage Center, click on the Templates tab

2).  Click on the Games sub-tab menu item

3).  Click on the Sign up to bring snacks… template (top, left icon)

4).  Address the message and change the subject line of your message to something like How will you volunteer to help this season?

5).  Modify the body of your message (check out this post for general message tips)

6).  Change the column and row headers in the table your members will fill in to sign up.  We recommend using Primary and Back-Up for the column headers and then change the row headers the things you need help with, like Team Parent, Assistant Coach, Bring Snacks, Picture Day, etc

7). Review, Save and Send your message!


Once you have collected responses, you can go to the Sent”folder in SmartMessage Center to open your message, see the results and print or save the responses in PDF or Excel format to take to your first team or league meeting!


Getting volunteers will help you stay organized all season long, so use SmartMessage Center to get them signed up today!

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Happy Holidays from eteamz!


Be one of the first 1,000 customers to redeem the following coupon code and receive 20% off your final cart purchase on photo gifts!

Order calendars, buttons, mugs and more! So don't delay and make sure you're one of the first 1,000 to get this great discount!  Hurry - expires 1/1/10


Coupon Code:  FRST1000


Happy e-shopping!

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You have your brand new site and now you need to personalize it by adding your logo or banner. Our new customizable templates make it easier than ever to upload, crop, arrange and display your logo and banner to display it perfectly.  Follow these 5 simple steps:



1)       Go to Site Appearance > Customize folders

2)       Click Logo > Banner

3)       Load your logo and resize by using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

4)       Note:  The logo display maximum sizing is 200x90 and the banner display maximum is 800x90. 

5)       Be sure to save your changes!

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You drafted the perfect message to your team.  You clicked “Send” and then waited for the enthusiastic responses from team members to just roll in.   But just a few straggling replies came in and you so you thought they don’t care or maybe they just aren’t the kind of people who respond to messages.


Team members may not respond to messages for a variety of reasons, and you can see our post from last month for 10 Tips on Better Team Communication.  But we find the #1 reason team members don’t reply to messages is because they simply aren’t asked to respond.


Try this trick… turn every SmartMessage to your team into a question or request.


Rather than adding a subject line for your message that says “Picture day this Saturday,” change it “Will you be at picture day?”  Then use the Multiple Choice, Order Form or other SmartMessage format to collect appropriate responses or to recruit volunteers.     Change “Tournament details” into “Who can volunteer to help with the tournament?”  Turn “Team Dinner” into “What will you bring to the team dinner?”  Turn “League safety manual and rules” into “Please acknowledge receipt of these league rules.”


Yes, it’s possible to turn EVERY message into the form of  a question or request and you should do it once in the subject line and then again within the message body.


Try it in your eteamz SmartMessage Center today to start increasing the engagement you have with your team and to make your season more enjoyable and productive!

Watch these videos for more information:

-          Learn about using the SmartMessage Center

-          Use the Order Form and SmartPay to collect orders and payments

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Please excuse our mistake as we had a mixup with matching the winning photo with the person who submitted it for the October Snapshotz contest, presented by Aunt Jemima.  Photos was still submitted by Traci Gerlach, only it was a different photo...this is the real "Zach Pitching"  Congratulations!  


Actual Zach Pitching.jpg

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Submit your snapshot by November 30th for a chance to win an efundraising magazine subscription ($50 value) and a $50 gift card from efundraising!  Increase your chances of winning by submitting as many photos as you like.


The winner will be selected on December 1st and featured in the December eteamzNation newsletter and in our eteamz community.


Upon submitting your entry, you’ll receive an email informing you whether or not your photo has been approved.  If approved, be sure to share with family and friends to vote – more votes will increase your chances of winning!


Good Luck!

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The holidays are upon us and you’re probably planning on adding some pizzazz to your homes during the holiday season with lights, inflatable’s and even music.  Sooo, why not add pizzazz to your eteamz site this season with our preset color palettes from one of our customizable templates.


1) Make your template selection from the Customize section of the Site Appearance folder

2) Select the color options of your choice located to the right of the selected template

3) Be sure to save your changes


Interested in setting your own color options?  No problem!

Use the tabs at the top of the page to set your menu, content or border colors and so on.

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Congratulations, Zack!  You'll receive a complimentary Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast for you and your team!

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Can a single email make or break a sports team?  What if your star player misses a game due to not receiving an email about a change in the game time and location?   What if a “reply to all” email thread turns into a heated discussion and hurt feelings?   What if an inspiring message from the coach at the end of the season encourages all the players to come back to play again next season?


Communication is critical to the cohesiveness, efficiency and spirit of a team.  It can be a competitive advantage that helps teams win games.   Or it can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for teams that aren’t working well together.


So why do coaches and parents dread it so much?  And why do so many teams do it so poorly?


First, with too much to do and too few people to do it, it’s often not a priority.  Practice planning, games, celebrations and picture day are all high priorities (rightfully so).  However, the communication about these things is usually an afterthought or a necessary evil.


Second, up until now, there has been no good training, resources or tools.  Search the web for resources on coaching youth sports and you’ll find dozens, maybe hundreds of practice drills, videos and books.  But search for resources to help teams communicate with each other and you’ll come up empty.


Based on first-hand experience and dozens of interviews with coaches and team parents, we’ve come up with 10 tips to help your teams communicate better and to help you turn communication from a burden into a competitive advantage:


1.       Make communication a team priority.


At the first team meeting or practice, use any real examples of how good communication can be a competitive advantage can make the season more productive and more fun.  Use examples of how poor communication can do the reverse.     Let the team know that you’ll be using your website and SmartMessage Center for all team communication throughout the season and to be on the lookout for the first team messages.  Let them know that communication is not optional and each player or parent should designate someone from the family who will respond on behalf of the player or parent to each and every SmartMessage.  


2.       Help your team to be “SmartMessage ready.”


Also at the first meeting, tell them to be on the lookout for a message from you providing them with some instructions on how to make sure they receive their team SmartMessages.  Then send the team a regular email instructing them to add to their address book  or “safe senders” list in their email service or email program.  CircleUp is our partner providing the SmartMessage service and doing this step will help ensure that the SmartMessages you send will be received by everyone.


3.       Set your SmartMessage schedule.


If you plan ahead for your messages, things will be less rushed and more organized, giving the team plenty of notice and plenty of time to respond.   Setting a regular message schedule also puts in place a weekly rhythm for the team and you’ll get better responses.   On your team calendar or schedule, be sure to add every key event and every game and then go back about 3-7 days and write “send SmartMessage about ____” where the “____” is “game attendance” or “picture day” or “team party.”   Or keep it simple and designate one or two days every week (Mondays and Wednesdays work well), and set a weekly reminder in your calendar to “send SmartMessages to the team.”


4.       Ask, don’t tell.   Turn EVERY SmartMessage into a question or request.


Of the 10 tips, this is probably the easiest to do and also the most effective in getting your team to respond.  Rather than having something like “Picture day this Saturday” in the subject line of your SmartMessage, change it “Will you be at picture day?”.  Then use the Multiple Choice or other SmartMessage formats to collect appropriate responses, rather than the Announcement format which leaves little room for response.  Change “Tournament info” into “Who can volunteer to help with the tournament?”  Turn “Team Dinner” into “What will you bring to the team dinner?”  Turn “League safety manual and rules” into “Please acknowledge receipt of league rules.”   Yes, it’s possible to turn EVERY message into the form of  a question or request and you should do it once in the subject line and then again within the message body.


5.       KISS:  Keep it Short & Simple.   Focus on ONE key question or request per SmartMessage.


Yes, there is a LOT of information that needs to be communicated and a lot of responses you need from players and parents throughout the season.  But if you try to pack too much into one message, everyone who receives it will go into a brain freeze and say to themselves “I don’t have time for this, I’ll look at it later.”  They rarely will come back to look at it later, and they’ll be less likely to pay attention to any of your messages.  So chunk things up and make the question or request so easy and simple that the person receiving it can read it and respond quickly and easily.  Send “softballs” with “yes/no” answers once and a while that are so simple that anyone could respond, i.e., “Will you be at the game this Saturday?”  When responding to your messages becomes a habit, you’ve got it made.


6.       Provide deadlines to respond for every message.


Make sure every message also has a deadline to respond and give yourself and the team enough buffer time for those responses which may come in a little late.  Add the deadline to the subject line and in the message body, “Who can volunteer for picture day? Pls. reply by Thursday!”  Not everything can or should be urgent, but make sure it’s clear which messages absolutely must be responded to and by when.


7.       Thank those who have responded, remind those who haven’t.


Using your SmartMessage Center, it’s easy to add or send comments or to remind those who have not yet responded.  Just go to your “Sent” folder and open the message.  At the bottom of your message results page, there are some tabs.  Click on the one that says “Not Replied” and check boxes next to each team member or just click the box at the top to select all on that page.  Then click on “resend” and each member selected on that page will receive the message again.  Also, on that same results page, you can click on the “Post Comment” blue button in the middle of the page and click on the “Email everyone this comment?” checkbox to send a reminder.  Your comment will go to everyone and this allows you to customize your reminder message to something like “Thanks to all who’ve have responded!  Just a reminder to those who haven’t, I need your response by Thursday!”  It’s also pretty effective to do this in person or at practice in front of the team every once in a while, “I really appreciate that you respond so quickly to our messages, Mrs. Jones.”  Or create a “SmartMessage Award” for the parents/players who respond the most to your SmartMessages.


8.       Use SmartPay and the Order Form format to collect orders and team payments.


When the team gets into a regular rhythm responding to SmartMessages, it makes it very easy and seamless to collect orders and money for things like team T-shirts, dinner tickets and coach or team parent gifts.  It’s free and easy for you to use the order form and SmartPay, just watch the Order Form video for more information.


9.       Don’t regress back to regular email.


It’s easy to send an email to the team.  It’s harder to make the email useful or to deal with the aftermath of any responses.   If you set the expectation from the start that the team will be using SmartMessage Center and then you use it regularly and exclusively, regular emails to the team should become rare or non-existent.


10.    Have fun!  Use ranking or rating options and collect stories or photos.


Be sure to plan for and send SmartMessages that use the “Rating” or “Ranking” formats or ask for photos using the “Suggestions” format.   These are fun tools that can be used to vote for team MVP’s, to rank restaurants to have the team dinner, to vote on team names, to collect the best photos from a game or season, etc.   Ask for suggestions for the best play of the season or the funniest moments.   Look for easy ways to encourage responses and take some of the “edge” off your messages.


Watch these videos for more information:

-          Learn about using the SmartMessage Center

-          Use the Order Form and SmartPay to collect orders and payments

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You've finally got yourself a new template and are excited to show it off to the team but your counter isn't updating and you see how many people have been visiting your site!  It's annoying...we know.  Here's what you can do to ensure it tracks your visitors! 


We believe the handy-dandy "pop-up blocker" is at fault for this.  Simply disable this on your end and you'll find it's working again. 


Another way to tell if this is the problem is if you can't see your "pop up announcement" displaying and you've enabled it in your "PLUS/preference" folder.

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Congratulations to Sydney Walker who was voted our August SnapShotz winner and recipient of a $100 Walgreens gift card!

Reminder - only a few days left to submit your photos for the September contest and a chance to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of our sponsor, ActiveSports.


Also, be sure to stay tuned for the exciting announcement of our October contest!

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Hi Everyone!


We have another exciting Snapshotz contest set up for you for the month of September! Enter your snapshotz for a chance to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of ActiveSports! Submit your snapshot by September 30th.


Increase your chances of winning by submitting as many photos as you like and if you're the winner, you'll be selected on October 1 and featured in the October eteamzNation newsletter and in our eteamz community.


So, if you think you've got the winning photo, upload now and share with your family and friends to vote, vote, vote!

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