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Downtime Postponed

Posted by dps225 Oct 23, 2007


We had scheduled some downtime for this evening to release some new features to eteamz. This release has been postponed until further notice. I'm hoping we can get to it tomorrow at the same time, but we'll see.



As you may know, much of the eteamz staff resides in San Diego County. Over the past couple of days, hundreds of thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate due to wildfires in the area. That included myself and some of our development staff. Things are starting to calm down a bit at this point, but life is far from normal.



I hope to have an updated release date ready tomorrow, and I'll post about that as soon as it has been determined. We appreciate your understanding.






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Brief Downtime Tonight

Posted by David Schwartz Sep 24, 2007


Sorry for the short notice, but we have a brief, 30-minute outage planned for tonight, or tomorrow morning depending on where you are: Tuesday, September 25, 12:30am-1:00am EDT. Nothing terribly exciting, I'm afraid, but there will be some more exciting new developments coming next month. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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We recently partnered with Prep Sportswear to give you the ability to customize and sell your own apparel on your Website. It will be available for FREE - No minimum order - Bulk order discounts available.




Look for the Sportswear link in your Site Admin admin to customize your apparel.




Please note that the new feature will be automatically turned on. You will see a link for "Sportswear" on your menu. If you do not want to participate, no problem. You can close it at anytime within the Pages section of your Access folder.

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eteamz will be temporarily unavailable this coming Thursday, August 9 1am-6am EDT for routine maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.



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eteamz today released some significant enhancements for site administrators. The most critical communication tools for creating and updating your site Welcome Message and News have just become a whole lot easier to use.




Until now, a site admin was able to use the tools to enter simple text, but anything beyond the basics required at least a small understanding of some HTML details. Our PLUS admins did have a tool we call "EZ Mode" that provided tools to aid with some of these extras, but it was not always reliable, or compatible with some of today's newer browsers.




We went out and found a really great WYSIWYG (that's What You See Is What You Get) editor and incorporated it into eteamz. The best part about it is that we're making this new editing tool available to ALL of our admins, whether subscribers or not. If you're like most other eteamz admins, you will probably welcome the chance to stop worrying about putting in those <b> tags, and trying to remember how to make a link work right. You're able to stylize your text (bold, italic, underline), align your text and insert and update links with ease!




For our PLUS subscribers, we have also added several additional tools to help you easily add some real life to your sites. You can choose special fonts and colors for your article, add bullet or numbered lists, insert tables, images, even embedded flash movies for your own slideshows or videos. And of course, PLUS admins will be able to work directly with the HTML for the page to add advanced features like certain scripts or additional tags that can really spruce up your site.








So check it out. Log in to your site, or build a new one today to check out these new features. 



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New Login Coming!

Posted by David Schwartz Jun 22, 2007


At long last, we are getting ready to launch our new login tools for eteamz, and for other sites in our network. We've mentioned this a couple of different times, but here's the deal:




Early Monday morning June 25, between midnight and 6am EDT, eteamz will be undergoing some maintenance to get these new tools in place and ready to go. During this time, you will probably find a message on the home page that the site is unavailable. It may be intermittent, as we don't expect to be offline the entire six hours. We know you all like to get into your sites and the message boards early on Monday, so we expect to be ready for you.




What is going to be new? Logging in to eteamz will be a lot easier! The first time you log in, starting Monday morning, you will be presented with a profile update page, which will give you a chance to review your personal account information and remind you that you will now use the email address associated with your account as the username when you log in to eteamz, and any one of the other sites within the Active Network.




What else... Once you log into eteamz, you will stay logged in until you close your browser. This protects you from any malicious attacks in the event you use eteamz in a public venue. It also allows you to move seamlessly in and out of the admin interface without having to log in each time. One other thing, for those of you that manage multiple eteamz sites, the "Admin" link on your site will take you straight to the admin for that particular site, rather than asking you to choose again.




What will NOT be changing? Most everything else, really. Your sites will be displayed as they always have. The admin interface will work the same. Most of your normal routine on eteamz is unchanged, except for the login.




Now, a little later next week, we will be re-launching the site, which will be the new home of many of the parts of eteamz not related to your team's site. Things like the sport home pages and the message boards all have new homes, and lots of great new functionality on But we'll get into that more next week. First things first. We'll get everyone on this new login and then worry about the new




I'm sure some of you will have questions about the new login. If you do, please feel free to send a message to customer support through the eteamz message center.



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Some exciting changes are coming to eteamz this month, and they've been a long time coming, I know. We've put months of work into these changes, but that will be a story for another time.




The first change will be mostly unnoticed, as it's entirely behind-the-scenes. This will be a much-needed upgrade to our database (both the hardware and the software). The goal here is, of course, improved performance. More power driving the site means we should be able to handle more traffic and handle it better.




As a result of messing with the database, though, we will have to take the site offline for a short time. We're planning on a four-hour window from 12am to 4am EDT, June 13, 2007. Studies show that most people aren't using eteamz at that time of night, so you probably won't even notice. So we apologize that we have to shut off eteamz for a little while, but it is our expectation that you will notice an improvement in performance.




Coming later this month, we have a couple more changes, which will be much more noticeable. There will be changes to the way you log in - we think much more straightforward than today, and your login will work for other Active Network sites. Then the new will be launched with a whole new set of community features like message boards and announcements, site and event search, video and all kinds of great content. More details will be coming soon about this as it gets closer, so stay tuned.



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The Suggestion List

Posted by David Schwartz May 23, 2007


Our crack eteamz customer support team gets dozens of emails from members every day with suggestions for enhancements, improvements and new features to eteamz. More often than not, these are all outstanding ideas, some very creative and unique, others very practical. These suggestions are what have made eteamz what it is today, as just about every feature ever added to eteamz came from member requests.




But what happens to all these great ideas after you've shared with us? These ideas begin their journey at the inboxes of Ericha and the support staff. The staff then log each suggestion into a tracking system which I review on a daily basis. I try to keep things somewhat organized, maybe by the area of eteamz that would be affected. So I might group all the suggestions that have to do with the calendar functions and have another group for any suggestions about rosters, etc...




There's a little bit of magic involved here (hey, some things have to remain a secret, right?). But basically, I look at the groups of suggestions with a team of developers and marketers and business strategists and all that. We essentially prioritize the groups of enhancements onto a product roadmap and decide when we can get to all of the great ideas.




We get far more great ideas than we can handle all at once, so we try to pick out the ones we think will have the best impact for the most people, or will be needed at a particular time. We won't always get to everything right away, but we don't ever delete your suggestions, either.




So, the details of the whole process are a little more formal than that, but I hope you get the idea. Rest assured that not only does every suggestion get noticed immediately, it is always considered for our next release. Keep 'em coming!



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eteamz will undergo a little bit of maintenance tomorrow morning, April 11, 2007 from 2am to 7am EDT. During this time some may see an interruption of some services, specifically related to the Collect Fees, Donations and Fundraising portions of the admin. Most of the rest of eteamz should remain unaffected during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.



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Unique Nicknames

Posted by David Schwartz Feb 22, 2007


<span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">You may have heard about the {color:#800080} Relaunch{color}, coming this Spring. Among the many great new features coming with this launch is a single login account and user profile across eteamz and This is a perfect opportunity for us to roll out a new feature that has been requested by many of you: unique member nicknames. Your nickname, or display name, is how you will be known in the eteamz and communities, and is shown along with all your message board posts and your user profile. </span>




<span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">This change is coming very soon for eteamz members, and rather than choose nicknames for everyone, we wanted to give you a chance to stake your claim to your own unique nickname. Most of you probably already have a unique nickname, so this will be easy for you. All you need to do is go to {color:#800080}your member profile page{color} and update your profile with the nickname you���ve already chosen. If someone else beat you to it, or if the nickname you have doesn���t work (only letters, numbers and the underscore (���_���) are allowed), you can choose a new nickname. </span>




<span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">After <span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Thursday, March 15, 2007</span>, any eteamz member that has not selected a new, unique nickname will have one assigned. We���ll try our best to make it similar to your current nickname, but we may have to do some special tricks to make it unique among our more than 3 million active members. The sooner you get to it, the better chance you have of being the only ���Mike��� or ���Coach��� on eteamz. And if you don���t feel like doing this for yourself, then please consider doing it for the eteamz customer support staff, cause they���re going to have to go through all the leftover accounts by hand, and they���ll get no dessert until they���re done!</span>



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As I foretold in my last post, we released a new and improved process for creating an eteamz site. This new process makes it significantly faster and easier to get a new site up and running. Some specific features of this new process:



  • Sign in or create a new eteamz account all in one step


  • When creating a new account, get instant feedback on whether your chosen username is available


  • Instant feedback on availability of your new site URL


  • Easy to choose the right features for your site


Go ahead and give it a try! [Create a new eteamz site.|] Let us know what you think of this process as we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to get a great Web site for your team.



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Thanks for a great 2006!

Posted by David Schwartz Dec 29, 2006


My little desk calendar is just about out of interesting factoids to share so it must be the end of the year. This is a time when we all take a moment to review the past year and look forward to what's to come. Well we at eteamz are no exception, so I thought I'd share my reflections and resolutions with all of you.




2006 was a pretty steady year for eteamz, on the outside. That doesn't mean there weren't any important changes.



  • We began in January with some really big enhancements to the calendar and schedule admin tools - expanded recurring event options, multiple event categories, shared events for league and org sites and import/export tools for big schedules.


  • We added the eteamz Newz page to let our members showcase their latest news and updates on a larger scale.


  • We enhanced the Snapshotz program, making it easier to submit your photos for our monthly contest.



  • We partnered with Shutterfly to create a program called eteamz albumz. This program allows site admins the ability to let their visitors upload photos directly to their site and then view them in a slideshow on Shutterfly, where you can order up prints and all kinds of other great products like photo books and calendars.



  • We added a &quot;Report Abuse&quot; for the community to provide more tools to create a safe and fun environment for all visitors.



  • We added a bunch of new player stats for baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, football and lacrosse.


  • And just this week we've enhanced our advertising upgrade option to remove the image dimension restrictions so your custom ads can be the size that fits best for you.


And that was just some of the stuff you could see. There was quite a bit going on here behind the scenes at eteamz. Of course we launched this blog to give you an idea of some of those things. We added several new staff at important positions. We did some back-end technology work to improve overall performance. We did some internal re-organization to help improve our own efficiency. And I can't tell you how many times I've moved offices.




So what will 2007 hold for eteamz? Of course no one can say for sure what's to come - and if you all knew, what would be the fun in that? I can say, though, that where 2006 was a pretty steady year, 2007 will be a year of change for eteamz. All good changes, we hope.



  • Coming in January we'll be vastly improving our site building process to make it easier to get your site set up.


  • We'll also be making some changes to our site info pages to help give people a better idea about what eteamz sites are all about, what all the great features are and why eteamz is not just the best place to come to build a web site for your team or club, but why it should be the only place that you would ever need to consider.


  • There will be some pretty important changes to the community that will open a whole new world of functionality and ease of use for all of you looking to chat each other up about your teams, your styles and your active lives.


  • We'll be developing some new site designs and giving site owners more control over the look and feel of your sites.


There will undoubtedly be much more to come in 2007, so stay tuned for all the details. While there will be some great changes coming this year, some things will definitely not change. eteamz will continue to be THE place for low-cost, easy to build, team sports web sites. eteamz, together with our parent company the Active Network, will continue to be home to the largest and very best participatory sports community in the world. We'll continue to provide outstanding support and service to our rapidly growing membership. And we will continue to listen to the needs and desires of our members and fans.




So, from all of us at eteamz, we close out another great year and wish you all a safe, successfull, and Happy New Year!



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New Player Stats Features

Posted by David Schwartz Dec 11, 2006


As some of you may know, eteamz sites provide tools for managing and tracking player stats for certain sports. Historically, we've had stats for baseball and softball, basketball, soccer, and hockey. Today, we have made a few critical updates to some existing stats and added stats for two major sports: football and lacrosse.







  • Added key pitching stats including games started, complete games, batters faced, hit batters, wild pitches and number of pitches (especially useful for new Little League rules!)


  • New stats for catchers to track pass balls and caught stealing percentage





  • Added stats for face off wins/losses


  • Updated goalie stats to allow goals against average to be calculated based on your unique game lengths





  • Added stats for yellow and red cards and clears





  • Added stats for players and goalies, similar to hockey


  • Includes tracking of goals and assists, ground balls, turnovers, man-up and man-down goals, clears, face offs and penalty minutes


  • Goalie stats include minutes played, goals against average, save percentage and, of course, wins and losses





  • Stats for quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, kickers, special teams and defense!


  • Pass attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, interceptions and sacks


  • Rushing attempts, yards, yards per carry, touchdowns and fumbles


  • Receptions, yards per catch, yards after catch, touchdowns, drops and fumbles for receivers


  • Point after conversion, field goal conversion, punt average, touchbacks, blocked kicks, kicks inside the 20 and onside kick conversion


  • Kickoff return average, punt returns, and touchdowns for special teams


  • Sacks, tackles, assists, fumbles recovered, interceptions and touchdowns for defense




So please check out these new and updated stats. These have all been requested by members over the years and, as always, if you have ideas for more stats or more sports, please let us know. You can access the stats by logging in to your site admin and clicking the &quot;Scores&quot; link under &quot;Schedules.&quot; Just add a roster for one of the stats-enabled sports and get some games on the schedule and off you go!



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Something Looks Different

Posted by David Schwartz Nov 16, 2006


Actually, a couple of things look different. You may have noticed that eteamz made a few changes today and I wanted to say a few things about them.




First and foremost, the eteamz home page looks a little different. Some things remain the same: pretty much everything from the main navigation menus and up. We wanted to leave this so that those visitors that use those menus to get right to what they're looking for can still do so. With the rest of the page, we wanted to focus more on our web sites than we have been recently. After all, we're approaching 3 million teams that have been represented on eteamz sites so it's something that people come here looking for.




Couple things that aren't on the home page anymore are direct links to the Message Boards, Tournament Finder and the top sports pages. But fear not! Like I said, we left the navigation menu as is, so you can get to the message boards through the &quot;Community&quot; menu and the sports are still listed in the drop-down as well. Also, we added a sort of quick search tool where you can easily do a simple search for eteamz sites, tournaments or announcements.




Something else that was added today was a feature for our community members. All of the member-generated content (on the boards, in announcements, etc...) is unmoderated because the eteamz community has always been able to kind of police itself. Today, we've added a tool for members to do that even better. Any piece of member-generated content now has a &quot;Report Abuse&quot; link so members can more easily alert eteamz staff to content that the community feels violates the eteamz terms of use, or the spirit of the community.




As always, we'd love to hear all your feedback about these changes, or anything else going on with eteamz. If you have specific support-related questions, please continue to use the support forums on the site.




Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and enjoys the long weekend next week. We've got a few more changes coming before the end of the year, so check back with the blog often to stay up to date with what's going on.



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As many of you know, the two most popular Web browsers available today (Microsoft's Internet Explorer and The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox) have recently released new versions. I won't bother to get into a discussion (or more likely a rant) about the browser war. As far as eteamz goes, it's not much of a war with nearly 92% of all page views going to IE.




For now, most people are still using the &quot;old&quot; version of IE so, for the time being, we'll continue to focus the majority of our support on that browser. However, we encourage our users to upgrade to the newest versions of both browsers. You pioneers will be able to help us identify and fix any anomolies that may appear.




eteamz will continue to support the most commonly used browsers and we'll try to make sure that, during this transition time, we quickly address any issues that arise. We, and all future IE 7 and Firefox 2 users, thank you!



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