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Break out your cauldron's and witches brew. It's time again for our 6th annual spooky site contest. Spooktify us with your favorite images, background, games and whatever you can find in the Halloween spirit.


Submit your site via the Support icon in your Message Center no later than October 26th. First, second and third place will win one FREE year of PLUS! Winners will be posted on the 31st.



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I've seen many admins sharing log in information recently.  It is very important that you do not share log in information with anyone. Each member should log in with their own username and password. You can assign admins and add members at anytime. Here are some helpful links to get you started.




Assigning Admin access to a specific sub-site only:


Adding Members and Secondary Admins:



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The looping issue where it could take multiple attempts to get signed in (would take you back to the log in page) should now be fixed.   Thanks for your patience everyone. 



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Many of you have asked how to single space in the new EZ Mode text editor.  If you click "enter/return" it will put the next sentence in it's own paragraph.  Instead, you can click "Shift+Return" to get it single spaced.



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As David mentioned below, we released a new version of EZ Mode last week.  We had a few unexpected kinks that have since been corrected.    Thanks for your patience.



  • Custom scripts, specifically slideshows, custom cursors not displaying - we made a few changes which should have fixed many of the issues.  If you still see an issue on your site, please contact us.


  • Adding images, handouts, etc. (all "add buttons") within Welcome or news not working - Fixed


  • Previously referenced images (using HTML) not displaying - Fixed


Please note a few items.




  • When we made the switch from the old version to the newer EZ Mode version, extra breaks/spaces were added.  Unfortunately, there was no way around it.   What you can do is click "find/replace" to remove the <br> tags (creates a line break) if you see extra spaces on your site.




  • Old marquee tags will no longer work.  They are not considered part of the official HTML language and will not work with this modern tool. 




*When you use Enter/Return it will put the next word/sentence into a new paragraph.  If you don't want the spaces, use Shift+Return/Enter.  Your word/sentence will be on the next line.



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Hello everyone,




I've tried to include tips on logging in with our new log in process as well as known issues.   I will update it as I receive the latest information.




There are no outstanding issues.      Thanks for your patience while we got these corrected. 




Recent Fixes:




  • We made some changes and you should notice a significant improvement with the site speed.  We're continuing to monitor the site


  • View Profile link was removed (displayed under your nickname on the boards)


  • Collect Fees folder - now functional


  • Being logged out of the data base (specifically on the message boards) when you don't click "log out" or end your session - Fixed


  • Tournament Builder Pro - Post & Play is working


  • "Reply" link in message center is working


  • The ability to log in to Sub-Sites has been restored


  • At approximately 1:30pm EST on 7/17 the log in process went down.  It was back up within the hour.


  • eteamz Albumz showing a temporarily unavailable message (generally intermittent)






Tips on the new Log in Process




How do I log in?



  • If you've logged in using your username and password, then you're all set and have been upgraded to the new log in process.   You will now log in with your Email Address from here on out in the Username/Email field.  *Note - the username/email and password are case sensitive.


How do I log in to my Site Admin?



  • The same way as you always have.   Go directly to your Web site and click the red "Admin" link on the menu.   Or, go to and click the "eteamz login" link in the nav bar.  Enter your log in credentials and select the admin link next to the site you'd like to log in to.  *Note - the username/email and password are case sensitive.


Why don't I see the sites that I'm an admin of?



  • You likely have two or more accounts and you're logged in with your non-admin account.   Log in with the username you always used to access that site.


Using a Bookmark to access the site.



  • You can bookmark the main eteamz home page or your team/league home page, but don't bookmark the actual login link.


Where are my Message Center messages?



  • On our Re-launch FAQ page, we have listed that all of your messages would be removed when this went live.  We'll be using a new messaging system that you can use to communicate with each other (your current Message Center is used to contact support only) that will be going live in the coming weeks.


Why am I not being remembered when I go back to the site?



  • The cookies on your browser will no longer remember you when you visit the site.   We changed this for several reasons, but the main reason was for security (espcially when used in a public venue).   You will be logged out when you click the "log out" button or when you close your browser.


Why am I being logged out after a certain amount of time?



  • If you are idle for<del>* 20</del>* 40 minutes (changed from 20 to 40), you will be logged out and have to log back in.  Make note of this especially when you're in Admin making site updates to items such as news articles.


Who is Active?

* Active is our parent company.  You may not have noticed before as we had completely separate sites.  Active and eteamz have combined logins to give you access to all eteamz and Active materials with a single username and password.


If you have any questions, please contact us via your Message Center, the Message Boards or via



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Important account changes

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Jun 11, 2007


I'd like to notify you about some important changes that will be taking place in the coming weeks. You've likely seen the Relaunch banners throughout eteamz. You can read more about the launch at Most of the changes will be taking place over the next month. Next week, three important changes will take place.




Logging In

Our single sign on that we notified you about several months ago will go live soon. Our tentative date for release is the week of June 18th. The first time you log in after our new login pages go live, you will be presented with a screen to enter your username and password. When you do this, the email address you used to create your account will be displayed on the site. From here on out, you will use your email address and password to login. Don't worry, your email address will not be published. You may be wondering why we did this. Active (our parent company) and eteamz have combined logins to give you access to all eteamz and Active materials with a single username and password. Click Here to view a sneak peek.




Logging in to your Site Admin (Admins of eteamz Web sites only)

When you log in, you will be taken to a page which includes a list of the sites you are associated to. Here, you can click the Site Name to visit the site's home page or the &quot;Admin&quot; link to login to that site's Admin. It will work exactly as it does today, the display is just a bit different. Click Here to view a sneak peek.




Message Center

You can currently use the Message Center to contact other eteamz members and eteamz support. With the Relaunch comes a new and improved messaging system that will be released in the coming weeks. When the single sign on goes live (the week of June 18th), your email address will display instead of your username. For privacy purposes, we obviously do not want members to be able to view your email address. For this reason, the message center will be used to contact eteamz support only. You will be notified when the new messaging system is released.




If you have further questions, please contact support directly. Thank you.



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We've received many questions lately from admins that are trying to add scores or stats for games that haven't been entered or played yet and they don't know why they don't appear in the Scores folder. Here's the answer:




You can add scores and stats (PLUS feature) for games that have been entered and played only. Keep in mind that you cannot enter scores or stats for games which include a TBA team.




You can select the opponent within the Games section of the Schedules folder. Click the edit icon located to the right of the game, select the opponent then click &quot;update&quot;. You can now enter the score within the Scores section of the Schedules folder. Click the edit icon located to the right of the game, enter the score and game summary if you'd like then click &quot;update&quot;. Here, you will also see a PLAYER STATS (Click to add/edit)  link next to the team name. Click this link to access the stats form. To enter stats, you must have players entered within the Roster folder.



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Site Performance

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Apr 16, 2007


Many of you might have experienced performance issues with your site recently in the form of slowness, time outs, error messages, or blank screens.


We apologize for any inconvenience these issues might have caused and would like to reassure you that finding and implementing a solution is our top priority. The IT team already has a list of updates and fixes that should help to alleviate most of the site issues and is working on implementing them.


We'll keep you posted here with further developments. Thank you for your patience.



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Hello eteamz fans,




Be sure we have your current email address on file.  If you need to update your email you can follow the instructions at:




In the coming weeks and months we will be sending out important information regarding the re-launch of Active (our parent company) and eteamz.   More information will follow but for a sneak peek you can visit: </span>



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I came across a really cool site for adding a slideshow of images. I know how much you like to add images (especially slideshows) so I thought I would pass it along. It's very easy to use, you can add music, captions, change colors, etc. It took me about 10 minutes to create one. It gave me the necessary code which I copied and pasted into my Welcome folder for display on my site.


Check out my sample at


You can create your own at




Please note - I haven't seen any innapropriate content on that site but just be careful when visiting it just as you would any other sites.



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Spooky Site Nominees

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Oct 26, 2006


Congratulations to the Spooky Site Contest nominees! Check them out at


Winners will be chosen and posted October 31st.



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Grab the neighbor���s cat, borrow the kitchen broom and give us your best cackle because it���s that time again! Halloween is coming up fast and will be here before you know it! Break out your spookiest images, backgrounds, sounds or whatever you can find and spooktify your site! We're giving you the chance to show us just how creepy and terrifying you can be. So get in the Halloween spirit and join the fun!


Submit your site via the Support icon in your Message Center no later than October 24th. First, second and third place will win one FREE year of PLUS! Nominees will be posted to eteamz on the 24th and winners will be selected and posted on the 31st.



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Uploading large files such as images and sounds not only take up a lot of space on your site they also take a long time for your site visitors to download.  The larger the file, the longer it will take for site visitors to download.  Large files would be anything over 500K.  Personally, I would upload files no larger than 200K.




There are many products out there that will compress files for you.  Check out and enter the appropriate search term in the search field.  An example would be compress image or compress wav file.



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Hey eteamz fans -




The eteamz Albumz features powered by Shutterfly I told you about last month are now live.  Parents, players, grandparents, etc. can share their images with you.  You and your visitors can order prints, share new albums via email, etc.  I'm really excited because I've been using Shutterfly for years.  It's very simple to use and they have great prices.  You can check out the details at:




Our FAQ page can be found at:




Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from this week.




Where are the images stored?


When you or your site visitors add images using the Shutterfly feature, those images are stored on Shutterfly's web site. They do not effect your site's storage space.




How can I remove an album that a site visitor added?


Login to your Admin</span> Albums folder. Click &quot;Add/Edit Albums&quot; in the upper right side of the page. Click the delete icon next to the appropriate Album. Note: It will not delete the images from Shutterfly.






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