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Do you have specific ideas about how eteamz can be improved? Share your ideas at our new Feedback forum!


Oct 2010 Feedback tab.png


Even if you don’t have something specific in mind, you can view and vote on other members’ ideas.


Click on the Feedback tab to open the forum. A shadowbox will display the top 5 requests that eteamz customers have voted on. From this display, click to vote on existing requests, go to our forum to create a new request or click on the support link to contact us.


Oct 2010 UserVoice Pop Up.png


Each member gets 10 votes to start. You can give zero to three votes on any one item. If you run out, your votes will be “returned” to you when your ideas are completed. You can also change your votes by clicking on them and choosing a different number (0 - 3).


You’ll also get a (digested) email of any activity on your ideas: comments, admin responses, status changes:


Oct 2010 Email Digest.png


eteamz takes your feedback and turns it into new and updated features and product improvements. Visit our Feedback forum today!

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