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Did you know that when you choose one of the new, customizable templates, it will ONLY change the appearance of your site and you won't lose any information? Your schedules, rosters, site news, and other information are safe. And even better, with a new template, you can have 100% customization!


So why not choose a new template when you can customize your logos, banner, menu, content and content placement, borders and control how much customization your sub-sites can have?


Select a new template today by:

  • Clicking your Site Appearance folder

  • Click the "Customize" folder

  • Use the scrollbar located at the top to select any of the templates

  • Choose from various color palettes, fonts, image layouts and more


You can even see the changes before you save them. Once you've found the template and color design you like, make sure to click save changes in the upper right. So, what are you waiting for? Get customizing today!


Still have questions? Reference the Site Customization FAQs link located to the right just under the templates scrollbar.

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