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Hey eteamz Ad Option users,


You asked for the ability to remove the ad space when ads are removed on eteamz – and we delivered!


To remove the ad space above your logo and site banner, go to your My Account/PLUS folder and choose Ad Option.


Under Ad Preferences, choose No next to Keep top border space? Click update to save changes.


Ad Option Ad Preferences.png


Questions? Contact eteamz support at

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Congratulations to Hayden Little League for their well executed eteamz site. They’ve won 5GB of free storage for life and they will be featured on our login page for an entire month!


Check out the eteamz features that Hayden has used to achieve their great site:


1. Use of new customizable PLUS templates

2. Albums

3. Custom Domain

4. Schedules

5. League Fundraising activated

6. Ads Off


Hayden Spotlight Site.png


Visit their site at


Think your eteamz site deserves the spotlight? Email us and tell us why.


-Your friends at eteamz

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Is your site lacking in fun and therefore lacking in site visits? Read these 10 easy tips to increase your site’s coolness factor!


#1 Fun menu names. Update your site’s menu names so they are fresh and fun. Change your Home page to “Home Plate” or your Locations page to “Where it’s at!” Get creative and have fun with it! In your site admin, go to My Site Design>Labels.


#2 Include a team picture on your Home Page. Parents and players LOVE to see a team photo on the site. Some of the best looking and most visited eteamz sites include a team photo on their home page. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>Home Page.


#3 Take it easy. Rather than including everything under the sun on your home page, try to just fit the most valuable information above the fold of the home page (the part visitors can see without scrolling down), then use the News pages to add content to your site. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).    


#4 This just in!  Update your site with new articles regularly – relevant, local and personal stories will keep site visitors informed and engaged AND increase your site’s SEO. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).


#5 Link to relevant sites from your home and News pages (this also helps with SEO). If you have a basketball site, an example of some relevant sites would be and Link to your school’s website, your town’s website, and Facebook pages. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>Links (or Add a New Page).


#6 Play around with color. Keeping with your team’s color theme is great – but how about dressing up your sites a little during the holidays? Or swap the background colors with the font colors? Keep it fresh and people won’t get bored with the same old thing. In your site admin, go to My Site Design>Customize.


#7 Feature different players each month – give them their own News page and include pictures, stats, and fun facts. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).


#8 Add fun NEW pages (PLUS sites only). Include fun pages such as Concession Stand menus. In your site admin, go to Website Pages> Add a New Page.


#9 Pictures are worth a thousand words And storage is cheap, so add lots of photos regularly. Announce new pictures by posting slideshows on Facebook. In your site admin, go to Files & Photos>Albums.


#10 Get a custom domain – eteamz offers them for $14.95 a year (just $1.25 a month)! In your site admin, go to My Account/PLUS>Account to purchase a domain or contact eteamz support to transfer a domain to eteamz.


Questions? Contact eteamz support:

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Keep your team informed of new product features and special offers from eteamz and our Partners. These alerts include “new” and “sale” icons in your site menu to inform site visitors when a partner has added a new deal, and occasional special offer promotions. Unless your site has Ad Option, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new alerts.


You won’t want to miss these offers – they may include special sales on team apparel and equipment, or discounts on eteamz products!


If you have a PLUS site and you’re not interested in promoting team store deals or other eteamz Partner Updates on your site, no problem! Simply disable the Partner Updates under My Account/PLUS>Preferences. Note: disabling this feature in a top level site will also make it apply to all sub-sites.


If your site has Ad Option, these updates will default to Disabled, and you can turn them on within your Preferences folder.


Questions? Contact eteamz support at

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Dear eteamz members,


Many eteamz features are stored on Amazon servers which have been experiencing issues since about 1 AM PST today, April 21st, 2011. This issue has affected the ability to view and update multiple areas on eteamz sites. We apologize for the inconvenience and have confidence that Amazon is doing everything in their power to get this fixed as soon as possible.


You can track the progress of this issue by going to


Thank you for your patience while these issues are being investigated.


Best regards,


-Your friends at eteamz

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When PCA presents its live group workshops for leaders, coaches and parents all over the country, one Positive Coaching technique that always raises eyebrows – and occasionally voices – is use of the "Magic Ratio."



The Magic Ratio, rooted in sports and educational psychology research, states that coaches can get the most out of youth athletes by providing five specific, truthful praises for every one piece of specific, constructive criticism. "Five to one?!" we hear, "When Danny makes five errors for every ball he fields cleanly, how am I supposed to get to this ratio?!"



There are ways to achieve the Magic Ratio, legitimately, while helping your players improve. Take a simple fungo-fielding drill. Let's say you've got five players in a line, and you hit 10 ground balls to each of them in a five-minute drill.



That's 10 chances to find something positive to say to each player. Start the fungo drill slowly, hitting balls that are relatively easy to field. That will gently warm up the players and build their confidence as they field balls cleanly.



And since they are fielding cleanly, you have a chance to offer specific, truthful praise.



"Great footwork, Danny, that's it, left-right field, left-right throw,"



"Perfect triangle from feet to glove, Susie."



"Way to keep that glove low, Bill. That's even better than last practice."



As the drill progresses, gradually increase intensity and make the players range. Warmed up and buoyed by confidence from their successful fielding and your praise, they will make the tougher plays, giving you the chance to praise them more and build more confidence, which will lead to more success.



On the tougher plays that they miss, provide specific constructive criticism, which they are more likely to accept since they are more confident from their earlier success and because they have heard plenty of your praise.



For more ideas on how to get the most from your players while helping them get the most out of sports, visit

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Your team is #1, but how does your website rank on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo? Increase your eteamz site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making some easy changes to your site.


Quality and Content


Make sure your eteamz pages are content-rich and include many relevant key words in the content. The content should be original, valuable and unique and the key words should be those you want to rank for on searches. Don’t try to fake it with a list of keywords, though - search engines prefer “natural” content to “listed” content.


For better SEO, include content that is:

Original – update eteamz News pages with articles that summarize specific practices, players, games and team parties

Informative – include content such as local news related to your sport or team and original articles with tips related to your sport

Valuable - always stick with the general “theme” of your website (ex. baseball, sports, youth)

Unique – include your town’s name, your team’s name, local school names, local business names, sponsor names and field location names in various News articles


Link Building


One of the most efficient practices of Search Engine Optimization is link building. Arrange for other, relevant websites (such as blogs, sponsor websites, or school websites) to link to your eteamz site.

Don’t forget to also add hyperlinks from your site. These links should point to sites that are interesting to your site members and relevant to your team/sport/league/association.


Meta Data

Meta data (including title tags and description) should accurately describe the contents of your website. If you have a custom domain with eteamz and would like us to update the title tag and/or meta description, please contact our support team with your request: Please include your custom domain, your eteamz site ( and what you would like the title tag and description to be. If you don’t have a custom domain, visit your My Account/PLUS, Account section in your eteamz admin to purchase one for $14.95/year.


Be Patient


New sites (eteamz or otherwise) can sometimes take weeks to get indexed with the search engines. Give it a little time then watch your site move up the search ranks!


If you have any questions, please contact us:


-Your friends at eteamz

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Following is one of the 10 case studies in The Power of Double-Goal Coaching, the latest book by PCA Founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson.



In a crucial situation near the end of a tight game against a strong opponent, the official makes a call against your team that appears wrong. Two parents of your players, outraged by the call, begin to yell at the officials. Your team loses narrowly. The parents continue to scream at the official while your players look to you expectantly. As a Double-Goal Coach®, what should you do?



As bad as things are, they can get much worse. Your first priority is reining in your outraged parents. And I do mean "your" parents. Parents come with players, and it is your responsibility to shape their behavior as well as that of your players. Here's how:



If you have an assistant coach, have him take players to a meeting place away from the field. If you are the only coach present, ask your captains to gather the team at a meeting place and wait for you there.


  • Approach the yelling parents to quiet them down. Be firm without causing any further escalation. "I need you to leave the officials alone right now!"


  • Empathize with the parents while reminding them that they are violating your team culture of Honoring the Game. "I know that was a tough call to take, but I need you to stop and set an example for our team." If Honoring the Game is part of your team culture, remind them now. "Remember, we’re a team that Honors the Game. We’ve got to live up to that now."


  • Thank the officials. If you agree that the bad call may have cost your team the game, this may be hard, but it would be a big Honoring-the-Game statement. "Thank you for officiating today. I know this is often a thankless job. I want you to know I will speak to my parents to make sure they don’t act this way in the future."


  • Address your team, ideally within earshot of the parents so you can talk to them through your remarks to the players. This is a great time to remind your players that they played a good game. Don't let the controversial call overshadow their great effort. "We had a tough call at the end of the game, but I was proud of the way you kept competing. In life we don't always get the right calls, but competitors don't whine about it – they refocus on the next play. And that's what you did today."


  • End by recommitting to Honoring the Game. "We're a team that shows respect for officials even when they mess up. Thank you for not harping on them today."


Before the  next game, talk to the parents in question to ensure they are  prepared to behave themselves in the future. Wait for the  emotion

to  dissipate, but do talk with them so they know you expect them  to Honor the  Game in the future.

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In need of personalized medals for an upcoming tournament? eteamz is now YOUR resource for customizable awards. Shop directly from your eteamz admin site to receive special discounts on all types of awards from our partner, CafePress.


Customizing is easy – follow these simple instructions and have your order shipped to you in a few short days!


1. Go to your Gear & Apparel folder and choose Trophies & Awards

2. Choose what type of award you’d like to customize, for example, Medals


Screen 1 folder.png

3. Choose your medal and click Customize


screen 2 medals.png

4. A new window will open – add your custom text to this page

Screen for Customizing.png

5. Choose your desired quantity and add the final product to the cart; proceed through checkout!

screen 2 cart.png

Questions about awards products or orders? Contact


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CafePress will pay you 10% of the sales of custom team apparel on your eteamz site – all you have to do is sign up!


IMPORTANT NOTE: CafePress does not require eteamz site admins to increase the cost of apparel in order to cover the 10% commission fee. CafePress takes the 10% from their own revenue share so your eteamz site members don’t have to pay more!


Here’s how you can sign up for commissions via check or Pay Pal:


1. Login to your eteamz admin and go to your Gear & Apparel folder.


2. Click on Custom Team Apparel.



Your Custom Team Apparel store will display.

3. Click Earn Money

4. Click “I would like to earn a commission.”

5. Click payee information


Screen 2 Earn Money.png


6. Fill out payee form and click Save Changes.

7. If the form is filled out completely, a message will display at the top of the form: Your profile has been updated.

8. Close out of the CafePress window and return to your eteamz admin site

9. IMPORTANT: Refresh your eteamz site (by clicking the refresh button on your web browser) and return to the Earn Money tab in your eteamz Store editor

10. Click Submit under Payee Options

You are now set up to receive commissions from CafePress!

Please note commissions are paid for the sale of custom apparel ONLY – this does not include sales of Equipment, Uniforms or Trophies & Awards.

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eteamz will be updating some of our servers tomorrow night, Thursday, February 24th starting at 10 PM PST. This update will result in eteamz being down for approximately 30 minutes.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your patience.

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Following is one of the 10 case studies in The Power of Double Goal Coaching, the latest book by PCA Founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson.



You have the chance to coach your own child. As a Double-Goal Coach, how can you make it a great experience for everyone involved with the team?



Historically, young people have apprenticed with their parents' business. My father talked with great joy about going to work in the fields of the family farm with my grandfather at the age of 12. Today there is little opportunity for this, but coaching your own child can be a wonderful experience in working together.



Many parents and children look back on their times together on a sports team as some of the best moments of their lives. Here are some tips for making that shared experience a positive one.



• Ask your child. "How would you feel about me coaching your team this season?" If he has reservations, it's good to know that up front. If they are strong ones, you may want to choose to be a supportive sports parent, not "coach," this season.



• Recognize that you wear two hats. Tell your child you need to treat her like everyone else on the team when you wear your coach's hat. It helps when your child calls you "coach" during practices and games, not mom or dad. But when you put your parent hat on, she is the most important person in your life (along with other family members).



• Some parent-coaches even wear a special coaching cap. After a game or practice, they make a point of changing hats: "I'm taking my coach hat off and putting my dad hat on."



• Be sensitive to favoring or penalizing your child. Many coaches give their child advantages (like starting games or playing favored positions) the child hasn't "earned" by effort or talent. Few things poison the well with other parents and players like a coach unfairly favoring his own child. However, many coaches are harder on their own child. It's difficult to be objective about our own child, so you may find it useful to ask another person (perhaps an assistant coach) to let you know if you are treating your own child fairly compared to other players on your team.



• If you have an assistant coach, you might find it useful to regularly have him or her give instruction and feedback to your child while you return the favor.



• Don't talk about other players on the team with your child. This places him in a complicated situation and may color his relationships with other players. He is a member of the team, not your co-coach.



• Avoid sports overload with your child by doing non-sport family activities during the season. If doing sports at home, focus on having fun rather than on drills designed to make your child better. This way she will be fresh for practice rather than feeling she gets no respite from sports.



Your time coaching your child will pass by very quickly. Whatever happens, I encourage you to stay in the moment and enjoy this special time.

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Just in case you have not made (or kept!) any New Year’s Resolutions, Positive Coaching Alliance would like to suggest a few. In fact, here is a whole line-up of ideas.

Some of these resolutions may prove easier to keep than others, but all will move coaches, players and their parents toward a rewarding season, where players have a positive, character-building experience.

Resolve to:


  1. Help conduct a fair player draft.

  2. Teach players about PCA’s “ELM Tree of Mastery,” which rewards Effort, Learning and bouncing back from Mistakes.

  3. Recognize that the official, who may have a very different view of the game than you do, is, in fact, human and worthy of your respect.


  1. Finally convince that one kid not to throw his bat.


  1. Make it through at least one game without stepping in a wad of chewed gum on the dugout floor.


  1. Persuade league leaders to create a Positive Coaching culture, where coaches, parents and players get to the ROOTS of Positive Play by respecting Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.


  1. Help players understand the signs...for take a pitch, for bunt, and for "flush that mistake," the PCA "mistake ritual," where coaches make a toilet flushing motion to remind players to get rid of that last mistake and prepare for the next play.


  1. Help parents understand the signs...including PCA's "We Honor the Game Here" banners and whenever necessary, the universal sign for "zip your lips."


  1. Get to a PCA Double-Goal Coach® workshop or take an online course to learn how to pursue wins while teaching life lessons.
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Join Positive Coaching Alliance for a Webinar on December 9


Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:



Little League International and Positive Coaching Alliance invite you to join us for a FREE Webinar on December 9th at 4:30pm PST (7:30pm EST).


Help the youth athletes in your Little League get all they can from participating in Baseball and Softball.


This one-hour webinar with Positive Coaching Alliance founder, Jim Thompson, provides:


- Insight into the Little League Double-Goal Coach Model, where a coach's first goal is winning and second, more-important goal is teaching life lessons through sports.
- Easily applicable tips and tools to help you shape your Little League into one that cultivates excellence among coaches, parents, fans and players.


Positive Coaching Alliance is a non-profit organization based at Stanford University, with the mission to transform youth sports so that all athletes have a positive, character-building experience.


Join us for the education and inspiration that will help you plan for a successful 2011 Little League season (on and off the field)!!


Registration is limited, so please be sure to secure your spot today.



FREE Little League- Positive Coaching Webinar


Thursday, December 9, 2010


4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PST

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.


System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer

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Following is one of the 10 case studies in The Power of Double Goal Coaching, the latest book by PCA Founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson.

Making Parents an Asset
The last time you coached, parents were a negative influence that kept your team from achieving its potential. It's a new season with new players and parents. As a Double-Goal Coach, what can you do to avoid a repeat of last season?

Some coaches only want to coach kids, not deal with unruly or unreasonable parents. But kids bring parents with them. Here's how to make parents an asset to your team.

  • When your team has been formed, call players to tell them you are excited they are on your team. Then ask to speak to their mom or dad. Tell the parent that you look forward to working with them to help their child have a terrific experience this season, and that you will soon send a letter or e-mail explaining your Double-Goal coaching philosophy.
  • Use a parent meeting to review the principles of Double-Goal Coaching (ELM Tree of Mastery, Filling Emotional Tanks, and Honoring the Game). Ask them to promote these ideas with the team. Tell them you know your team will get bad calls, but ask them to commit to Honoring the Game no matter what.


  • Explain that the Emotional Tank and the ELM Tree of Mastery are research-based concepts that are keys to their child's performance. Ask them to fill E-Tanks and reinforce the ELM Tree with their child throughout the season.
  • Hand out the PCA Parent Pledge. After you have reviewed the document, ask them if they have any questions. Then ask them to sign it.
  • Recruit "Culture Keepers" for the team who will work to keep other parents positive on the sidelines during games.
  • When in doubt, communicate. Coaches run into problems when they assume parents understand why they coach the way they do. Don't assume. If you have rules about playing time or missing practice, for example, tell them. Ask them to contact you with concerns rather than share them with their child. Give them your contact information and let them know when to talk with you (e.g., not right before practice). Over-communicating will save you time over the course of the season, and it will enhance your players' experience.
  • Fill parents' E-Tanks with truthful and specific praise when they do something positive. Thank them for helping you build a positive team culture. Try to tell them something positive about their child every time you see them (again being truthful and specific). If you do, they will think you are a genius as a coach!
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