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Do you have important forms that you need your team members and/or parents to complete or maybe you have a Team Handbook that needs to be distributed but you want to be green and save a tree by not printing one for everyone. Why not add a handout to your site and make all this information available online?


You can add handouts as a new file from your computer or from your Website Pages >> Handouts folder. Display them in your Welcome, News or Handouts page by following these directions.


-         Go to your Website Pages >> Handouts folder and create a Category for your handouts

-         Choose your access permissions (do you want it to be viewable by site members only, by members and fans, or by everyone?)

-         Click Add Category

-         Now click on +Add Handouts and input the information and add a necessary file

-         Upload your file and be sure to click Add Handouts

-          You can now either view or edit your handout

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Hopefully you have not forgetten about one of the coolest PLUS features that can help bring attention to newly updated information on your site. Tag your new updates with cool icons and your team won't miss the action. That’s right! Now you can set a menu item to display with "New", "Updated", or "HOT!"


How do I set these cool icons up on my site?

1)     Each time you update a specific section, an icon will display next to the menu link on your site for however long you like.

2)     Set the terms…to disappear after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or Never. (Note: if you choose never, it will consistently display the icon.)

3)     Be sure to set the update icon BEFORE you make a change to the page in order for the icon to display.

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We are excited to announce some new features and enhancements on eteamz!


  • Importing people - we’ve optimized the time it takes to import people and we’ve increased the reliability of the import!
  • eteamz Support form emails will help ensure that your question gets to the proper department for faster response times! See the form by clicking here.


Support Email Form


04 2010 Blog Form Email.png


  • Your site’s Custom Domain name is now listed in your PLUS folder


Custom Domain name in PLUS folder


04 2010 Blog Domain Name.png

  • PLUS members can easily edit new pages directly after adding them


Add a New Page / Add and Edit Links


04 2010 Blog New Pages.png


Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in the coming weeks!

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Congratulations to Mike Cmehil for submitting the winning Snapshot for March!


"Coach" was deemed the winner by all of your voting. Congratulatons again and enjoy your $100 gift card, courtesty of ActiveAdvantage!

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As a PLUS League site administrator, you may want to think about displaying each of your sub-site teams games on your League home page and/or calendar. This way, the other teams in your league can view each other games. 


Follow these 4 steps:

1) Login and go Calendar >> Games

2) Select the Division and click “add/edit schedules”

3) Change the “Show Team Games on League Calendar and Home Page” to YES

4) Save your setting and you’re done!

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Do you have multiple websites? Wouldn't it be great to manage them all with one Login (or Admin)? Well, you can!


To ensure you can administer and update all your sites using the same login, make sure you’ve registered each site using the same username and password.


Want to create a second site? 

If you already have admin access to a website and want to create a second or more sites, simply Login and click on the “Create a new Site” text in the My Admin section on the right side after logging in.

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If you’re not on a customizable template, you should be asking yourself why not?  Because if you’re not on one, you’re truly missing out on all the great features and benefits they have to offer. 


Sure you like your old eteamz template, but you’ll LOVE our new designs.


Its official! Our new customizable templates are a hit!  We’ve kept the features you loved most from the old templates and added a bunch of new features to the new, customizable ones!

Best of all, when you switch to a new template, your content, rosters, photos etc., will safely make the switch too.


We’ve Kept the Most Popular Old Favorites!

-          Customize with your team colors, fonts & graphics

-          Choose designs with navigation to left or along top

-          Display the Hit Counter to show visits to your site


Check Out Some of the Features You’re Missing Out On!

-          Displaying your team logo in the top left

-          Upload & display a league or sponsor logo

-          Pick from new designs – football, baseball, softball, tennis, water polo, golf, lacrosse,  basketball, soccer, pickleball and more!

How do I make the switch?

PLUS Members: Simply login and click on the
Site Appearances > Customize folders in admin.

Pick your new template and customize away.


Free Site Members: Login and upgrade to PLUS first.

Then visit your templates folder in admin and customize your new template.


Why wait…start customizing!

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One way to ensure your team is onboard with the SmartMessage Center and how it works to their benefit, it is a great idea to talk to them about it early in the season – before the season actually even starts is ideal. Here is a tip on how to communicate the SmartMessage Center benefits and ease of use at the very first team meeting.


At the first team meeting, explain to your parents to be on the lookout for a message from you providing them with some instructions on how to make sure they receive their team SmartMessages. Then send the team a regular email instructing them to add to their address book or “safe senders” list in their email service or email program. This helps to ensure that the messages always land in their inbox instead of their spambox! CircleUp is our partner that provides the SmartMessage service and by doing this step, you will help ensure that the SmartMessages you send will be received by everyone.

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Excerpt from the Forward to The Power of Double-Goal Coaching by Jim Thompson

By Phil Jackson

Positive Coaching Alliance National Spokesperson

Head Coach, Los Angeles Lakers


The Power of Double-Goal Coaching, Jim Thompson’s latest book, is a terrific, concise summary of the impact a character-focused coach can have – for a season or a lifetime.


It is a practical book coaches can use to get better results from players while providing an ethically superior approach to competitive sports. When coaches regularly use these positive forms of motivation, they find they have willing, eager athletes on their teams.


In particular, our coaches, parents, and athletes need to understand and embrace what Jim calls the ROOTS of Honoring the Game: respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self. Honoring the Game is needed at all levels of sports.


Click here to purchase The Power of Double-Goal Coaching


I have personal experience with how honoring the opponent is a concept that works. In 1990, my Chicago Bulls were defeated for the third consecutive time by the Detroit Pistons. We had lost to them in the first round, the second round, and in the finals of the Eastern Conference playoffs. It was easy to build up dislike for the Pistons “Bad Boys” after such futility. Each year had brought a confrontation, from a benchclearing brawl to take-downs and flagrant fouls, one of which resulted in a concussion to our young star, Scottie Pippen.


As a result, we had developed a raw anger toward their team that had clouded our abilities to function instinctively as a team. I used something I’d learned from the Lakota of the Dakotas. They had a mortal enemy in the Crow, but they honored them because they were wonderful warriors and to fight against the Crow demanded bravery, cunning, and teamwork. I borrowed that theme. The conflict brought about the best of both tribes. So rather than getting angry and frustrated in a contest with a physically stronger team like the Pistons, and flailing out in futility, we resorted to meeting them with focused willpower, resilience, and teamwork. We honored the Pistons ability to compete and it worked in our favor, with six NBA championships for the Bulls.


I agreed to be the National Spokesperson for PCA when Jim Thompson asked me because I believe so strongly in the kind of sports culture that PCA is fighting for. I am proud of the 10 NBA championship rings that I have earned as a coach, but I also want the success of PCA to be part of my legacy.


As a leader, coach, parent, or athlete, I hope you will make it part of your legacy also. Together let’s transform youth sports to be all it should be in the lives of our nation’s youth.


Phil Jackson

PCA National Spokesperson

Head Coach, Los Angeles Lakers


Click here to purchase The Power of Double-Goal Coaching


Click here to visit Positive Coaching Alliance’s homepage


Click here to visit Positive Coaching Alliance’s welcome page for the eteamz community

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Congratulations to Tom for sharing "Thrill of Victory" with us this past month.  This image won our February Snapshotz contest, sponsored by ActiveAdvantage!

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If you are on one of the customizable templates, you have probably noticed a change in design to your Admin folders. This is something we are really excited about as it allows for easier navigation, a cleaner design, and eliminates the need to scroll up and down your site via the expandable folders.


Expandable Folders

Now you only have to click on the folder header once and it’ll automatically expand and display all folder contents.  To close the folder, simply click on the folder header and it will automatically close up


If you want to see all the contents in your folders, simply click on each of the folder headings and they’ll display the folder contents.  You can display all folder contents at one time if you choose.  Or you can choose to only display the folder contents of certain folders that you most often navigate.


View This Site

The expandable folders allow the “View This Site” icon to display much higher on the page, eliminating the need to have to scroll up and down so often after making changes.  This should save you time and frustration when making edits to your site and wanting to view them right away.


Folder Contents Outline

We’ve provided an outline below for you to view what each of the folders now contain as far as content and where you should navigate to find a feature.


“My Sites” Folder

This folder takes you to your sites home page.


“Team Name” Folder

This is your Team Admin Page in which you’re currently viewing.


“My Account/PLUS” Folder

This contains your Account, Support, and Preferences content.


“My Site Design” Folder

This houses the Customize, Labels, Page Ordering, Page Access, Web Address, and Listing sections.


“Website Pages” Folder

Here you’ll find content for your Home Page, News, Adding a New Page, Handouts, Links, Sponsors, Guestbook, Message Boards, and Surveys & Polls.


“People” Folder

Manage your People, Roster, Board, Online Registration, Member Access, and Access Settings from this folder.


“Teams/Leagues” Folder

This houses your Teams and/or Leagues.


“Communication” Folder

Communicate with your team with Team Messages, Email Lists, Message Cast, and eTracker from here, as well as Contact Support.


“Calendar” Folder

Manage Calendars, Games, Scores, Practices, Seasons, and Locations here.


“Files & Photos” Folder

Upload and edit Albums, Sounds, Videos, and Files from this location.


“Fundraising & Store” Folder

Use this folder for Fundraising, Donations, and getting gear with the Team Store.


Check it out for yourself!  We know you’ll like it. Login and explore today!

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Communication is critical to the cohesiveness, efficiency and spirit of a teams and can be a competitive edge that helps teams win games. Or it can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for teams that aren’t working well together.


So why do coaches and parents dread it so much?  And why do so many teams do it so poorly?


Here's how you can help make it a team priority.


At the first team meeting or practice, use any real examples of how good communication can be a competitive advantage can make the season more productive and more fun.  Use examples of how poor communication can do the reverse.  Let the team know that you’ll be using your website and the SmartMessage Center for all team communication throughout the season and to be on the lookout for the first team messages.


By expressing that poor communication is not optional and each player or parent should designate someone from the family to respond on behalf of the player or parent to each SmartMessage, this will help start success on and off the field.

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As mentioned in a previous post, we are modifying the Admin Folders on your customizable templates. As the original functionality will remain the same, the organization has been modified to enhance your overall user experience. Starting today, you can expect:


  • A fresh, clean look and feel
  • Expandable folders which open and close with one click
  • The ability to view all or none of the expanded folders
  • One easy click to “View This Site” without having the scroll down the screen


Please feel free to reference the updated Admin Manual for usage instructions.

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..."Bring It" submitted by Brianna Cassidy! Congratulations on winning a $100 gift card, courtesy of Sports Studio Casting!

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Not sure how to get rid of that negative comment on your Message Board? Or maybe you just want to clean out all the postings and start fresh this season. As a site administrator, you have the ability to monitor or remove any offensive or questionable post or thread from your site's message board or guestbook postings.  Here's how:


Removing Message Board Postings:

Click on the unwanted thread or message from your Message Board (in the upper left, you’ll notice a delete icon). Use this to delete the message.


Removing Guestbook Postings:

Go to the Guestbook folder within Admin. You should be able to see the posters nickname along with the date and time of the post.

Check the box next to the entry you wish to remove and click the "Delete Checked Entries" button at the bottom of the page.


Please remember you need to be logged in to perform any of the above mentioned functions.

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