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Stats are important to any team. It helps with recruiting opportunities, scouting of other teams, and it’s always helpful when choosing what player will receive an award at the end of the season. Here are some easy how-to steps on showing/hiding stats on your websites.


On your PLUS site, you have the option to show or hide statistics. Sport examples include: Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Netball. Follow these steps when editing or adding a schedule within your Games section:


  • Go to your Schedules >> Games folder
  • Choose add/edit schedules in the upper right (for League sites only, be sure to choose this from Division)
  • Use the pencil icon on each schedule to show/hide different stat categories
  • Choose Update Schedule to save your changes
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We wanted to give you a sneak peek into just a few of the new enhancements we will be making to eteamz in 2010. We love to hear your feedback so if you don’t see something here that you feel would be a great addition to your eteamz experience, let us know. Or, if you see something you’re excited about, let us know that too.  We want to be sure we’re providing you with website building tools which help you to build “your site, your way”.


  • Redesign of Admin folders for a friendlier, more savvy user experience
  • Addition of SmartReach to help you communicate with your team via SMS or Voice messaging
  • Improvements in management of your rosters, invitation of members to the site and member organization
  • Enhancement to the way in which customers can purchase custom domains


Start making it a habit to visit our blog or message boards to get up-to-date information on product launches, status of enhancements and important updates on all things eteamz!


Please note, you can always contact us at


Good luck with your season(s)!

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Gatorade is looking for authentic football players who are SAG or SAG eligible in the Los Angeles area.


Get your game face on!

Players will be getting suited up pre-game, working out, cooling down, etc.

There will be no contact on this project.


1 Football Principal – SAG scale
4 Football Extras – SAG extra scale


Visit Sports Studio Casting to learn more and sign up!

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Recently we launched the new eteamz Albumz Center allowing you to easily upload, edit and share your photos and slideshows with friends and family.  Since then, we've also added a feature where you can customize gifts and memoriabilia with your favorite pictures!  You can edit the photo with our Picnic integration and then have it placed right onto whatever gift you like best and have it delivered right to your front door!  Choose from mugs, calendars, mouse pads, t-shirts, buttons and so many other cool items.


Log in and get your personalized products today!

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Hi eteamz members,

Thank you very much for your patience throughout our images outage late last week.  Over the weekend we resolved the issue for all users, and this week we have implemented additional measures to ensure that your experience is not interrupted again.


If you continue to encounter any errors, please contact our Customer Support team at


Thank you,

The eteamz Team

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Congratulations to Anita Brandon, our December Snapshotz Contest Winner. She submitted "Friends Forever" which received the most votes.




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Update: eteamz Photo Outage

Posted by ActiveHeidi Jan 14, 2010

Hi eteamz members,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to resolve the image issues. We have put in a fix today that will rectify this issue on the majority of sites.  We are continuing to work to resolve the remaining few sites, and expect that this will be complete within the next couple of days.  We sincerely apologize for the disruption that this has caused to your sites and members.  If you are still seeing abnormal behavior with the images on your site, please contact customer support.



Thank you,

The eteamz Team

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eteamz Photo Outage

Posted by ActiveHeidi Jan 14, 2010

Hi eteamz members,

We are currently experiencing issues with our photos server that we are actively working to resolve.  In the meantime, your photos and site images may not appear available.  We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated as we proceed with a solution.


As always, please contact customer support with questions.


Thank you,

The eteamz Team

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You are getting your site ready for the season and you have misspelled a member name. Now what should you do? Not to worry, we can show you how to change it without losing all of their stats abd contact information.


First, DO NOT delete the member otherwise you will lose all their information.



So, what should you do?

Have the member login and update their account information by clicking view/edit profile.

Here they can change their name themselves and it will immediately update on your site.

In the meantime, be sure to enter the correct spelling for the member in the Site Display Name field (when you assign them to the Roster for example or edit their account you will see this field).

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It is a new year and a new sport season and we know how excited you must be to get your eteamz site in perfect working condition before you hit the field.  Here are 6 helpful tips to help you add a new season in a cinch.


To add a new season (PLUS sites only):

1)       Go to your Season folder

2)       Click the icon for add a new season

3)       Choose the season of your choice from the drop down box.

4)       There is no need to delete all your previous season information.  This information will remain in the pool box.  If you do not see them in the pool box, simply check all the boxes next to the box and hit the search button which will automatically put them into the pool.

5)       Check the name of the division, team, board member, or player and click assign.  Note:  You should only have to add new teams, divisions, players, etc. if they were not used anywhere last season.

6)       Be sure to make your web page open to the new season by clicking on the pencil icon behind the new season, then check the box labeled to make this the current season.  Other seasons will still be available from the drop down box within the admin panel and on the site.


We recommend naming your teams to help identify what division they are associated with in future seasons.  For example, if you have major teams in each division, add the division name to the team name. Majors Team A for example. Then if the team moves up a division, you can reassign to the higher division and then rename the team by editing it in the Teams folder.


Best of luck this season!

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Recruit team or league volunteers using your SmartMessage Center


With the start of baseball, softball, tennis and many other spring sports, leagues and teams are gearing up for all the many things that need to happen such as getting players registered which lots of forms, ordering uniforms, setting practice schedules and drills, getting snack volunteers, buying the team banner, organizing picture day, etc.


Before things get out of hand, use your SmartMessage Center to recruit team parents and other volunteers to help you out all season long.  You can find the SmartMessage Center in the Team Messages or Group Messages folder in your eteamz site.


Just follow these steps to send a message to your team or league members:


1).  In the SmartMessage Center, click on the Templates tab

2).  Click on the Games sub-tab menu item

3).  Click on the Sign up to bring snacks… template (top, left icon)

4).  Address the message and change the subject line of your message to something like How will you volunteer to help this season?

5).  Modify the body of your message (check out this post for general message tips)

6).  Change the column and row headers in the table your members will fill in to sign up.  We recommend using Primary and Back-Up for the column headers and then change the row headers the things you need help with, like Team Parent, Assistant Coach, Bring Snacks, Picture Day, etc

7). Review, Save and Send your message!


Once you have collected responses, you can go to the Sent”folder in SmartMessage Center to open your message, see the results and print or save the responses in PDF or Excel format to take to your first team or league meeting!


Getting volunteers will help you stay organized all season long, so use SmartMessage Center to get them signed up today!

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We've added back the ability to add photo descriptions to images.

To add a description, log in to your Albums or Images folders.   Put your mouse over the image then click the magnifier glass icon.    Select the "Add a Caption" link.

Previously entered photo descriptions are coming soon!


On this same page, notice the link that begins -

This is the file name you will now use when referencing images using HTML.   Each image has its own link.

To view an example of how you would enter HTML, click here (posting it on the blog wasn't working).


You now have a "view full size" option on your Albums page which gives site visitors the ability to see your images larger.   Go to the Albums page on your main site, select an album then an image.   Here you will see "view full size" in the upper left side of the page.


You and your site visitors can now purchase photos and gifts on your Albums page.   Here, you will see "photo gifts" and "buy prints" options.



In case I don't have anymore posts this year, have a fun and safe holiday!

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Happy Holidays from eteamz!


Be one of the first 1,000 customers to redeem the following coupon code and receive 20% off your final cart purchase on photo gifts!

Order calendars, buttons, mugs and more! So don't delay and make sure you're one of the first 1,000 to get this great discount!  Hurry - expires 1/1/10


Coupon Code:  FRST1000


Happy e-shopping!

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Hi - we have a few changes going live today. Sites on customizable templates now have the ability to change Link Colors.   You can do this in the Site Appearance --> Customize folder.   Here, select the "General" tab.    In the same area, you can now re-set your Hit Counter.


The 2010 holidays have been added.   You may add to your site in the Calendar folder then selecting "add shared events."


Sites on classic templates can now add new banner, logo and background images (bug that popped up a couple weeks ago).


And last but not least, we've made it easier to assign a new head webmaster and change billing!  

Next to all members in your Access --> Members folder, there is a "make head webmaster" link (when the head webmaster logs in).   Previously you would only see this link next to registered admins.


Another admin can now take over billing WITHOUT the subscription expiring first.   In the PLUS --> Account --> Full Details,  there is a "Take over billing" link.   Using this option will charge the new person upon renewal (if it's set to renew of course).


We have another release coming soon to address Albums/Images suggestions and bugs.

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You have your brand new site and now you need to personalize it by adding your logo or banner. Our new customizable templates make it easier than ever to upload, crop, arrange and display your logo and banner to display it perfectly.  Follow these 5 simple steps:



1)       Go to Site Appearance > Customize folders

2)       Click Logo > Banner

3)       Load your logo and resize by using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

4)       Note:  The logo display maximum sizing is 200x90 and the banner display maximum is 800x90. 

5)       Be sure to save your changes!

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