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So let the countdown begin.

It's has been a long time since a post. No time to recap. I am here and still training.

Today my body is sore because yesterday my body walked over 10 miles. I am in need of a massage.

Over the next 34 days I will be preping for the event. I am going to try SmartWater (my body needs the electrolytes). And I have decided that I wil need to walk and run to complete the event. So I am walking 4 minutes and running 1 minute. I am feeling good. All I have to do is stay committed to the training plan. I would like to say Thank you to Team Challange for the support on completing this goal.

Fundraising has been going well. I am at $1210, not counting my recent Finals/Wings party. We raised $101. Yay!!! June 26, Gamour Shots fundraiser. I am sure that I will meet the minium fundraisier goal and cross the finish line.

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Exercise high?

Posted by Jasmine Lavender Apr 22, 2010

Today was my first trip to Edward Vincent (Cenitnella) Park. I plugged up my ipod and got going. I was moving at a pretty fast rate. Heart pumping blood all over my body. My face even felt flushed. I am liking this feeling. I think this was my first taste at that exercise high.I am loving it. Looking forward to my next walk. Stay posted.

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Today was another team practice. I walked around the Sepulveda Basin (3 miles) in 45 minutes. Teammate Connie and I were partners and we were so proud to make it back to the starting point!


So here is what I have learned thus far. Walking in one big loop is far easier than walking three smaller loops. Coach Murray set a pace goal of 1 mile per 15 minutes. Walking with a partner is more challenging than walking alone. By far, the best part of practice is the breakfast!

Fundraising is going well. Thank you to all those that have donated. I have raised 20% of my goal! For those that are suffering from the recession all donations, any amount, are greatly appreciated.    Stay posted...JL

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Walk to Yoga

Posted by Jasmine Lavender Apr 15, 2010

As I am preparing for my  6pm yoga class, I say "I am going to walk then go to yoga." My husband hears this and thinks I am walking to yoga. Interesting idea. So off to yoga I go on foot. I am only supposed to walk 20 mins. The distance from my house to the yoga studio is 15 blocks. Let'see see how this goes. Stay posted.

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Week 1

Posted by Jasmine Lavender Mar 29, 2010

I was supported this weekend by my grandmother, mother, sister, and daughter at the Kick-Off event for the training season. Big thanks to them.


Here is my training schedule for this week.

Monday: x-train 20 mins

Tuesday: walk 20 mins

Wednesday: off

Thursday: walk 20 mins

Friday: off

Saturday: walk 20 mins

Sunday: group training 30mins

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