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Lauren's Story

Posted by saraallent on Mar 3, 2008 11:09:28 AM

Villanova University '02 - Women's Lacrosse

The best piece of advice that I have ever received while being recruited came from my high school lacrosse coach.  It is something every athlete needs to ask themselves. “But, what if I get hurt and can’t play, would I still want to go to this college without being on the team?”


At the invincible age of 17, many do not give this question enough consideration. After the endless hours of practice, letter writing, camps, college visits and flipping through more pamphlets of schools that you did not know even existed – being injured is normally the last thing on your mind. You are still debating who has the best program, what year will you touch the grass on the field, scholarship potential, and will I get along with the girls on the team.  However, deciding on a college is a decision that is going to impact you for the next four years and beyond. Granted no one goes into their decision thinking, if I tear my ACL this is exactly the school I would want to be at.  Rather, make sure you are taking it all in. It is so easy to wear blinders as a recruit especially because the coach, team and whatever activities are lined up during your trip are all there to sway you into deciding to come to that school.  Buyer be warned, this could all be taken away with a career ending injury. Then you have more free time on your hands then you know what to do with and you are amongst the pool of regular students.  So make sure that you like the school, its climate, its student body, extra activities and most importantly, that you leave with the education you came there to earn.


Good luck!








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