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Michelle's Story

Posted by saraallent Apr 22, 2008

Rowan University '02 - Women’s Basketball

I grew up in a basketball family.  My dad played at Boston College and I remember being very young and watching him play in the local men’s leagues.  He would always let me come out on the court and shoot and dribble around.  I knew from the moment I made my first basket that I loved the sport.  I think growing up and seeing the love my dad had for the sport and hearing his stories of growing up playing basketball made me want to do the same. 


As I progressed through school and dedicated more and more time to basketball I realized that I would be able to follow in my dad’s footsteps and play in college.  The recruiting process for me was very interesting because I am an identical twin and grew up playing with my sister.  When we both decided we wanted to play basketball in college we made a pact to play together.  We would become a package deal to the collegiate basketball coaches.  I think this decision, for the most part, played to our advantage.  We were very similarly skilled and coaches loved the fact they could make one recruiting trip to watch two players.


My sister and I spent the last few years of high school playing our hearts out, getting our name out there to as many schools as we could, researching schools in various locations, sending game tapes and resumes, having numerous conversations nightly with coaches and scheduling campus visits.  We also made many road trips all over the east coast. 


Now at the age of 18 I was supposed to narrow down a huge list of schools and I had no idea how to do so when all I knew was that I wanted to play basketball in college.  On top of that, after I spoke with each coach I thought I wanted to go to “that” school.  At one point it became very overwhelming.  I remember one night at dinner being close to tears.  I just had no idea what to do and coaches were starting to give my sister and me deadlines for a yes or no answer.  I thought, “I am not going to be able to make up my mind and then I am going to end up playing no where.”  My dad, having gone through the same thing when he was 18 and being recruited, asked a few simple questions that helped with our decision:


  • What team do you see yourself practicing with every day for four years?

  • What coach do you see yourself playing for?

  • Can you imagine yourself at one of those schools without basketball because things can change and basketball can not be the one and only thing luring you to that school?


From these questions my sister and I narrowed it down to Rowan University.  Rowan was close to home (so my parents could come to all the games), with great academics and a huge on-campus sports community.  It was a great choice and I got a great education, made some amazing friends and got to play the sport I loved with my sister. 


Trust me there is a school out there for you so don’t be discouraged.  And you will make the right choice!








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