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This is a Thanksgiving Prayer written by Katey's Great Grandfather (My Father-in-law's Grandfather)


Today is Thanksgiving Day. A day set aside for the giving of thanks to the Maker for every blessing that comes to us.


Each day of the year we should be thankful and let the One above know that we are grateful for our daily blessings, but today especially, we should make a special effort to show our appreciation for all things.


Personally, I am grateful to my God for the care and love and protection of my parents and brother and sister, for my friends of whom I have a number.  I am glad for the opportunities of proving myself a friend to everyone and am glad also for the esteem of my friends, and will try always to hold myself straight and worthy of their esteem.


    I am thankful

    for my means of sustenance and will try to do nothing that will cause me employers trouble and thus impair my position, and the happiness and welfare of my home.


    I am+ thankful+ for all flowers and plants and animals, and that I am capable of seeing and hearing and admiring all things that are beautiful.


    I am+* *thankful+ for my country and flag, and for peace which we now enjoy during this time of war and militarism in other countries.  But should the occasion arise, I will do my best to prove myself worth of my country.


    I am +thankful +for the average amount of common sense, for the power of discriminating between right and wrong, and choosing the things that will keep me straight and off the road to ruin.


    I am thankful for my excellent physical condition, for my strength, for a body free of disease, and will strive always to keep myself clean morally, mentally, and physically. 


      • I am +thankful +beyond the power of my expression, for the love, trust, and honor of one who is as pure and good as any that exists, and will hold that one and her love and honor and trust as something as sacred nearly as God himself.


      • Lastly, I am +thankful +for my God and His Son and the love and care and protection of both, and will try,  not so much in words as in actions, to show my appreciation for the goodness and mercy shown me. I will try to show proper living and doing that I regard their protection and influence as something to be deeply desired and held sacred above all else.


      • I am +thankful +for the days that are gone and for the days that are to come, and hope for strength to make each day bigger, better, broader in every way than the one before it, and closer to the model life set by Jesus through God the Father.


    God's will be done.

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