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Luxury is a Doublewide

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Jul 23, 2007 11:20:00 AM

This ain't roughin' it.





Anyone who has had the chance to snooze in a Big Agnes

Doublewide Series sleeping bag -- as my wife and I did this past weekend while

car camping near Lake Superior -- can attest to the fact that sleeping on the

cold, hard ground can be quite luxurious.


Indeed, the bag we employed -- the Dream Island from Big

Agnes ($239, -- is a simulacrum of a queen-size bed on the

floor of your tent. It measures about 50 inches wide by 80 inches long. There

are built in no-draft collars for each snoozing person, and Big Agnes rates the

bag to be adequate to temps down to 15 degrees F.







The company uses an unheard of 4 pounds, 8 ounces of fill in

this bag, making it quite the cozy, quilted experience.







On each side of the bag is a zipper to allow easy access for

both sleepers; built-in pockets up high hold your fleece jacket or other

clothes to create an ad hoc pillow.







The Dream Island -- like all Big Agnes bags -- mates with a

sleeping pad via an integrated sleeve underneath, letting you slip the pad

inside to create a solid, stationary platform. You physically cannot roll off

this pad, as it's pinned in a sleeve, unmovable.



We went with the Hinman Pad, a 50 x 78 x 2.5-inch air

mattress that has a high-density solid foam core. It goes for $139.95.







To inflate the Hinman, you open two valves, roll it out, and

let the air suck in. I had to huff and puff a few breathes in to get it firm.







Only one real bummer with this setup: Its size. Together,

the Dream Island and Hinman Pad weigh nearly 20 pounds, and rolled up they're

each the size of a large tent.







But Big Agnes didn't design this setup for anything other

than car camping. And for that circumstance, as we discovered last weekend, this

bag is about as good as it gets.







For this comfort you do pay a premium: Together, the large

Hinman pad and the Dream Island will run nearly $400 after taxes. Ask yourself:

What's a good night's rest on the cold ground really worth?







Availability: Dream Island bag, July 25; Hinman pad, Aug. 20.







Contact: Big Agnes Inc.,



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