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It was one year ago this month that I went riverboarding

on the Green River in eastern Utah, where my view of the gorge was wet and half

submerged at face level with the whitewater.






The sport of riverboarding -- a whitewater niche that

involves running rapids on your belly with a buoyant boogie-board-like shell --

has garnered a small following in the United States. Colorado, California, West

Virginia, and Oregon, notably, have riverboarding scenes; it's a rising fringe

with whitewater aficionados elsewhere.




In Utah, dressed head to toe for the sport in fins,

booties, a wetsuit, padding, a life vest, webbed neoprene gloves, and a helmet,

I had an absolute blast busting through waves and shooting the swift slots

between boulders, ominous and half submerged on a Class III section of the





This story -- -- talks about my epic three-hour-long

downriver run, while hashing through some of the esoteric gear of the sport.




Plus, there's a slideshow of some pro riverboarders in

action. Click the main image at the top of the page here:



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