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Ultra Fit column

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Aug 15, 2007 10:23:00 AM

My new weekly column -- "Ultra Fit" -- debuted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today. (See here:


This column will focus on fitness, the outdoors, and all things "ultra," including adventure racing, century rides, ultra running, etc.



I hope to syndicate this column nationally over the coming months a la The Gear Junkie.






This week's story is on something I dubbed The Marathon Lifestyle, which is a way of being held by tens of thousands of Americans who are in a continual training regimen, a marathon always on the horizon, always there for motivation.



I'm one of them.



For me, the marathon experience makes most other things in life seem easy, physical or otherwise. It's a top reason why I love the sport.



Marathons have also propelled me into ultra racing, where competitors run, bike or trek for 24 hours straight or longer. To other (maybe more normal) runners, marathons can boost the ego and breed mental toughness or self-confidence.



Watch this blog for Ultra Fit updates over the coming weeks. . .






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