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The Stick

Posted by Stephen Regenold Sep 21, 2007

The Stick, a therapeutic self-massage tool made for athletes, is a semi-flexible rod stacked with independent, one-inch-wide spindles that rotate as you rub. Kind of a therapeutic rolling pin for your legs, kneading muscles deep and thoroughly.


Debuted in 1991, The Stick has been around for a while. I've seen guys hawking it at those trade-fair venues set up before marathons and tris for years. Now I finally got one.











I've been training for another marathon (my 8th one!), and for the first time I have a hamstring issue. Thus, I ordered The Stick. The company touts it as an athletic panacea, making "muscles feel better, work harder, last longer and recover faster."



For me, it's more of a recovery tool than anything. It loosens muscles up after a long run. Kind of like a good leg rub-down, though no need to recruit a spouse or friend to do the dirty work.



Instead, simply grip the Stick's handles and rub. Easy.



The company says The Stick works by compressing and stretching muscle; moving body fluid; and freeing circulation to allow muscles to regain "normal elasticity" before or after a workout.



I've found it to be effective for tight hamstrings and calves. While no miracle cure, it can loosen you up-and quick-with the same effectiveness of that massage you know your wife, husband, or friend really does not want to give.



Price: $32.95 (Sprinter Stick model)



Specs: 19 inches long; nine massage "spindles"






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