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I don't actually know what "après anything" means, but with its new Terrasoles line of shoes R.G. Barry Corp. "targets the void many people face when transitioning from active footwear into something that is more comfortable and casual, yet remains functional." Right. . . like when I get done climbing a mountain, remove my boots, and think "dang, if there wasn't just a shoe perfect for this pub and the muddy lot I need to negotiate on my way inside. . . ."








Sorry, had to get that out of my system. The press material accompanying these new shoes from R.G. Barry Corporation was just full of gems. (Example: "Terrasoles, innovative hybrid footwear designed for thrill seekers whose hearts belong to the spirit of the great outdoors.")



In reality, these are interesting shoes. They're soft and comfy, made with thick fleece and flexible soles. Kind of stylish, too.



The company ( is trying to market them as some kind of hybrid performance/style brand. But they'd be better just to stick with the style angle.



They sent the Gear Junkie crew two pairs: The women's Rainier and the men's Tuckerman, both of which go at $49.95.

The Rainier model passed our tests. It's a ballet flat of sorts made for "yoga, pilates or for just a walk in the park," as per the promo. It comes in lavender, persimmon, stone and espresso colors. Fit was fine on our female tester. She liked the look and feel, which was comfortable and low-profile.





I tried the Tuckerman model and was less impressed, mainly because they kept slipping off my feet. The heel area is too short. My foot comes out too easily back there. Maybe I need a larger size, but then I'd be swimming up in the forefoot.





In the end, Terrasoles is an interesting first try. Maybe a brand to watch for now, but probably not to buy.



Available: Now.



Pricing: $30 to $50



Contact: R.G. Barry Corporation,



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